Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember when...

We drove backward to church?

We live right at the foot of the mountain, so naturally we have to climb a mountain to get to our church building because there was no better place to build it? Anyway, my really nice, expensive car has a hard time going up the hill when it's not you can imagine how awesome it is when it's snowing, right? Before we even turned onto the street we saw 2 cars sliding down the hill backward. So Dan guns it (like a true Arizonan) thinking he was going to make it up the hill? I guess? Growing up in Idaho where we actually have seasons I knew this was a bad idea, but I also knew it would be hilarious. So we make it like 6.2 feet up the hill and start sliding back, then sideways, and now we're facing the wrong direction. At this point I would have just gone home and jumped back in bed, but I had to teach Sunday School and we were already late(me, late? never). Without hesitation Dan put the car in reverse and we drove backward to church. The coolest part was neither of us turned around to watch behind us. We looked forward and Dan glanced in the mirror every once in awhile. We were going backward, and looking forward. Just picture it, then laugh. Because that's funny.