Thursday, October 29, 2009

The joys of life

Fall always seems to make me feel more thankful.....maybe it's Thanksgiving....maybe it's the cool weather....maybe I'm just crazy...who knows?

Here are some things that I have been grateful for this month...

*I found my wedding ring! I'm always losing drives me (as well as my husband) INSANE. In fact, this is how bad it has become---I hate when Dan is at work because that means he will not be home to keep track of my glasses for me.....all four pair. (How can a person lose 4 pairs of glasses in one day? I'm still trying to figure it out!)*

**That brings me to the next thing on my list......Dan. Oh, what would I do without him? Sometimes I really just want to smack him....but most of the time he's quite fun to have around ;). Along with being the guardian of my glasses, he is also my dictionary, encyclopedia, handy man, auto mechanic, Book of Mormon Scholar, and my bunk mate. Oh yes ladies, all of this wrapped into one lucky can one girl be?!**
***Sleep has been my friend this month. I started going to clinicals just once per week and it has been a wonderful thing!***

****A clean house. As you know, we're selling our condo. This place has to be ready for someone to look at 24/7. I thoroughly enjoy the fresh lines on the carpet from the vacuum....On that note, have I ever told you how much I love vacuuming? Seriously. I got this fantastic vacuum for my wedding (from my fave person Ginny) and it has a canister instead of a bag. This means I get to see all of my filth each time I vacuum! Sometimes I'm amazed at what it picks up. We don't even wear shoes in our house and it STILL picks up enormous amounts of who-knows-what?!****

*****Children's Church songs. I've been playing them for Little Man when I babysit him. I'm impressed at how many I still remember! I'm also impressed at the messages in the simple and easy to understand.....I guess that's why they are children's songs....If you haven't listened to them in awhile, I highly recommend them*****

******The lady from The Biggest Loser...I believe her name is Abby? (Yes, I love reality TV.....don't pretend like you don't). She is amazing! Her husband and 2 kids died in a car accident two years ago. Her outlook on life=amazing. I highly recommend this show too.....I also recommend eating something healthy while watching it. I tried ice cream once and every bite was full of guilt******

*******This Little Missy..that hates her picture taken*******

********And this Little Man..... with chubby cheeks********

Thursday, October 1, 2009

September in October

I started this post the end of September...and here it is October...Hm, where does time go?

Here's a brief summary of events for Septiembre 2009....(oh yes, my Spanish kicks in every now and again)

We put our house up for sale! It took Dan 2 months to convince me to do it, but I gave in....stubborn? Slightly......

My mom got a new car. So sporty and cute.

Dan went to a day long fire school and loved it. They had 4 houses for the firefighters to do damage to and he took full advantage.

Dan taught me about "man planning"... it's not like "women planning". Apparently they don't plan out every detail...who knew?

I found this website and almost peed my pants laughing!

Zayden's Torticollis seems to be better...although he does have lazy days sometimes.

Dan changed his first diaper....oh wow....lets just say packing tape was involved.

A pretty boring month if I don't say so myself! October will be better.....only because I have pictures of Zayden and Adyson to add!