Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holidays And Work

I'm at work (boo, lame) by myself for the next 3 hours so I thought I would go for #2 in blog land. This is going to be a long one, feel free to skip it.

Our Holidays seemed to fly by. I don't like that feeling. I felt like we were so busy we never really got to sit and enjoy the season. Hopefully next year we will remember to slow down...although I won't make myself any promises! I think I will blog about our 2008 Holidays just for me to remember them in the future.

Thanksgiving Day was uneventful this year. Dan had to work all Thanksgiving Day, and my mom had to work the graveyard shift Wednesday into Thursday. My mom and I had Thanksgiving dinner together that night before she had to head back to work. The day after Thanksgiving was much more exciting! At 6am on black Friday I found myself at JoAnn's fabric store... This is totally lame, I know, but I did have a purpose. FLEECE! I decided to make all of Dan's nieces and nephews blankets for Christmas (there's 7 of them!). They're easy to carry in a suitcase. Plus, just like every other child, they have every toy in the world. I planned on this being a 1 maybe 2 hour trip. WRONGO. Try 4 hours!!! Four hours of JoAnn's is enough to make a person that actually likes that kind of crap want to kill themselves, so you can imagine how I felt. By the time I got home I was flustered and annoyed, PLUS I still had to pack to leave for Grandma's house (which we were already 2 hours behind schedule)! Next year I'll pay the $12.99 per yard and save my sanity! My frown quickly turned around on our way over to pick up my mom. I got pulled over for allegedly going 56 in a 40. I say allegedly because I was going 46, but whatever. Here's the conversation we had with the cop:

Cop:License and registration please

Me: Why did you pull me over? (I honestly had no idea I was speeding, I thought the speed limit was 45. Seriously!)
Cop: You were going 56 in a 40

Me: looking like a total idiot scrambling through napkins to find my insurance card. Why do I have so many napkins in here anyway? Ugh annoying! My insurance card expired last month and I don't have my new one in here.

Cop: That's ok.

Me: That's ok? Since when is NOT having an insurance card OK?

At this point the cop went and sat in his car for literally 5-7 minutes. If only he knew I was 2 hours behind schedule because of JoAnn freaking fabric! He finally returned to my car

Cop: Which one of you is a firefighter?

Dan: I am

Cop: Holding the ticket all filled out on his clipboard. You gotta tell me these things man! (instant friends). I'm going to go ahead and void this. Have a safe weekend writes void in bright red ink over the ticket.

Me: stunned...slowly driving off. I'm not sure what just happened but that was AWESOME!

You see, 3 weeks earlier Dan had convinced me to put a firefighter swastika (or whatever they are called) in the back window. He said that when I get pulled over the cop might not give me a ticket if he sees this. Reluctantly I gave in (thinking it was totally stupid)...and I'm glad I did. I'll be selling these stickers for $200 each on Ebay =)! Just so you know, I realize this whole thing is very unfair and I almost feel guilty sharing it....almost.

Moving on to Christmas...
We had our big family party with my family in Logan on the 21st of December. We all drove up to Trudy's house for the festivities. Of course, right before we left it started snowing so it made the trip up there a little hairy or is it harry? Whatever. That day was one of those days you realize Heavenly Father is watching over you. Right before Dan and I left my mom called and told us to stop by her house and pick up a box of gifts they had left behind. I was annoyed because we were already running late. On our way up the canyon the roads were terrible! A truck lost control on the other side of the road (being an idiot trying to pass people) and slid into the drivers side of the Frito Lay truck right in front of us. The Frito Lay truck tipped over on it's side, that's how hard the impact was. Thank you mom for leaving the gifts behind! Later that week we found out that there was a 31 car pile up on I-15 right at the time and spot we would have been driving had we not taken HWY 89. Some days it's not hard to see blessings being thrown your way. All in all we had a good time at Trudy's. Lots of laughs, fun, & games!

Our version of the manger scene

The shepherd boy

Adyson and Navie playing (look at those chubby legs!)

After partying like rock stars at Trudy's, we headed home and had our own little family Christmas at my mom's. Ady & Josh were able to come as well! We always get super excited when Ady comes to see us. She is so sweet and full of fun. She makes me wish I was a kid again. She is only 2 and talks like she's 5. If she were any smarter I'm not sure what we would do with her. She loved Grama Dene's bouncy horse (aka the white stallion). She almost fell asleep on it a few times so we had to keep an eye on her.

Adyson laughing at Grama Dene

She refused to dismount the stallion even though she was dead tired

Just plain cute

The next morning Dan and I were up bright and early to catch a plane to Mesa, Arizona! We were there for 5 days and it was fun to be with his family again. All 7 of the Fisher kids were there for the first time in 4 years! We always like going there because Arizonians actually know the concept of a speed limit unlike Utahns. If it wasn't 462 degrees there during the summer, I might consider moving there JUST so I could go the speed limit. No such luck, I can't control the weather folks! My road rage is here to stay. Back to the point of this post....Arizona was filled with lots of laughs, good food, lots and lots of gifts, Matt's birthday, and a family photo shoot. What more can you ask for?

The awesome ninja cake brought to you by Dan & Julie Fisher...and Walmart.

Dan's new BFF, Ritter

These were found in Matthew's room in the middle of the floor...You're not hiding your night life too well Matt...

Very excited
I love that the Holidays unite families. It gives us all an excuse to be together and make memories!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm officially a member of the blogging world, and I'm not sure why!? I keep getting talked into these "fads" by friends and family. First it was myspace, then facebook, now this. We will see how long this lasts =).

Dan and I have been married for 5 1/2 years. I love being married. There's something about doing his dirty laundry and cooking for two that makes me happy. Seriously! (Give me 5 more years of it and I may have a different answer!)

We just bought our first home. Ok, it's a condo but it's home to us! We have really enjoyed decorating it and making it feel like ours. So far, we have succeeded.

Don't mind the mirror on the floor. I finally finished it and hung it up!

Dan is a firefighter/EMT and he loves it. He worked so hard for 3 years to get the job he wanted. Luckily his persitence paid off (moments) before we lost our minds! I work at McKay Dee Hospital answering phones, and well, I don't love it. I'm currently on hiatus from Respiratory Therapy school, but I can't wait to get back in and finish. We don't have any children yet. Dan wants one now, I say 5 years from now! I'll keep you posted on who wins that battle =)!

There you have it folks, my first if only I can figure out how to get pictures on this we'll be in business!

Blogging world, here I come!