Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Zayden and I made witch hats for Halloween. 1 Hershey kiss, 1 keebler cookie, and a dab of frosting. He was so proud, he wanted pictures, and he wanted to carry them around all day.

The tips of the witch hats were just too temping....he had to bite every.single.one of them off. And I let him, because that's what cool aunts do...they let their nephews do whatever they want, then they send them home with mommy.

Next hat

Taa daa! The tipless witch hats

Doesn't he look so proud? He insisted the pumpkins be in the picture as well

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The magic of an abacus

This post is for my mom to see what we'll be making ASAP for the fishy in my belly. I bet you all thought I was actually going to blog something, didn't you? One day friends, one day.

Mom, the worst part about this is there are no instructions. Hahaha. Ours will turn out to be a triangle. And how awesome is the yellow dresser? I'd never dare, but someone awesome would dare.

p.s. thanks for pinning this, Camille. I believe since you pinned it, you have to help me make it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

He Drives!

Today I have been reflecting on the last 6 years of this bittersweet thing we call life. Lots of bitter mixed in with a lot of sweet. In the end, we are blessed. oh so blessed. In 2004 Dan was trying desperately to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. (I was desperately trying to figure out why he hadn't thought of this before the age of 22?!) One night we drove past a fire department and I said "why don't you be a fireman?" I obviously had no idea what we were getting into. Six years later we know what the life of a fireman entails, and I'm so glad we do! Dan has worked so hard. I'm amazed at his persistent determination to get what he deserves. Anyone that knows the process of becoming a full time firefighter knows how depleting it can be. Dan was told "no" far too many times, but he never threw in the towel...even when I did. In 2008 he started as a full time firefighter. Just two days ago he found out he got promoted to Driver. I'm so happy for him! There were 15guys testing for only 2 positions and he landed one of them because he's a rock star! Even though he was happy he got the position and passed all 2 days of testing, he is very sad to leave the current crew he has worked with for the last 5 months. Dan has worked with some awesome guys and he has also worked with some really not awesome guys in his career. These guys were some of the awesome guys. They all just clicked...(and I'm pretty sure they all had man crushes on each other. Shhhhhh.) I'm sure his new crew will be fine. Change is hard, but we're excited for it! Good luck to my little Gomer!

Badge pinning

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember when...

We drove backward to church?

We live right at the foot of the mountain, so naturally we have to climb a mountain to get to our church building because there was no better place to build it? Anyway, my really nice, expensive car has a hard time going up the hill when it's not snowing...so you can imagine how awesome it is when it's snowing, right? Before we even turned onto the street we saw 2 cars sliding down the hill backward. So Dan guns it (like a true Arizonan) thinking he was going to make it up the hill? I guess? Growing up in Idaho where we actually have seasons I knew this was a bad idea, but I also knew it would be hilarious. So we make it like 6.2 feet up the hill and start sliding back, then sideways, and now we're facing the wrong direction. At this point I would have just gone home and jumped back in bed, but I had to teach Sunday School and we were already late(me, late? never). Without hesitation Dan put the car in reverse and we drove backward to church. The coolest part was neither of us turned around to watch behind us. We looked forward and Dan glanced in the mirror every once in awhile. We were going backward, and looking forward. Just picture it, then laugh. Because that's funny.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 100th Post!

Happy Easter!
I hope to remember what we're truly celebrating this Easter.

"I am the resurrection and the life.
He that believeth in me....shall live:and whoever liveth, shall never die"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The door bell rang. Dan opened it. Two guys from the Elders Quorum presidency stood at the door. I invited them in. I turned around and realized we had underwear spread all over the living room. Literally. My nephew had taken every piece of underwear out of the laundry basket and threw it while I wasn't watching. Tops and bottoms. About 25 undies lay spread eagle on the floor, couch, chair, ottoman....you name it.

And all I could say was "Um, our underwear are all over the house."

This is not my life.

The underwear slinger.
It's a good thing he's cute.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're thirty, dirty, and a bit nerdy

My favorite person just turned 30! Seems like just yesterday I was changing your diapers and making you bottles.....wait, what?

I love you times 30!

p.s. can you tell by the clothing that it was freezing in San Diego?!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


...we'll be here. Yessssssssss!

San Diego

Friday, April 1, 2011


My new fave cooking website. I always love new ideas for Dan and the firefighters!
Click Here

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another one

This is one that I have told a lot of people. BUT I have to write it down so I can look back in 3 years and remember the hilarity. This story is pretty much par for our life....weird and hilarious. It's kind of long because it has a back story with it.

Just in case you didn't know already, I'm a Mormon, yes I am. There are all sorts of people that belong to the LDS church.....Nice, fat, skinny, pretty, weird, awesome, fugly, and completely crazy.

Completely crazy is who I'll be telling you about today...mixed in with nice.

There's this lady in our ward that is seriously one of the nicest people on earth. She loves me and I don't even know her name. When I taught Gospel Doctrine she would come up to me or call me after church to tell me (and I quote) "What an amazingly spiritual person you are. You have so much wisdom for your age." Dan and I would die laughing every time. It is pretty funny if you really think about it. Using spiritual and wisdom in the same sentence as Julie Fisher=kinda funny. Obnoxious and negative would be better words to use, but whatever. We'll stick with the first description.

Sister Nice is the ward choir director, and she takes this calling very seriously. She even takes it upon herself to re-compose the songs they sing. She does this by holding notes out in weird places, or pausing in the middle of sentences. A person listening to this music will do one of two things...#1-feel so awkward that they want to crawl out of their own skin. #2-Bend over in the pew and pee their pants laughing. We tried #1 the first few times we heard the angels singing, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. So I rudely chose option numero dos. I'm sorry, I cannot help it. It is THAT funny. Let me give you an example: "There is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunSHINE in my soul today, more glorious...............pause.....................and bright!"
Try to convince me that's not funny!

One week Dan and I regrettably sat about 4 rows from the front on a week that the choir was to be singing. Before the meeting started Sister Nice came down and asked me to sing with the choir. Ok, I've NEVER been to any practice....not one. I've never even shown interest in joining the choir...soooo wtf? I told her I didn't even know the song and she said it was just a song from the hymn book. Dan thinks he's being all funny and says "You should do it hun." then he looks and Sister Nice and says, "She has a really really good singing voice." That's when I piped in and said "So does he, do you need more men to sing?" Of course Sister Nice got all excited and we were officially members of the choir! Yay!

I didn't get nervous until I was up on stage because that is when I suddenly remembered her weird stops and starts and note holding obsession. To make a long story short, she did re-compose it and I wasn't holding out the right notes or pausing at the right moments....and neither were half the people around me that had been to choir practice. So it sounded terrible and my eyes were watering from holding my laugh for so long. Pretty much it was an embarrassing disaster.

Fast forward 4 weeks. Some choir members were on the stage when we walked into Sacrament meeting, so to avoid being asked to join the choir once again, Dan and I leave and walk around the halls until right before the meeting started. We came in and sat on the very back row. We thought we were safe, but we underestimated Sister Nice. After the first talk, the choir got up to sing. Sister nice turns around toward the audience and is staring right at us. So I look at Dan and say "DO NOT make eye contact." By this time all the choir members are on the stage trying to get into their seats. I look up and Sister Nice catches my eye and starts waving us forward. At first it was just a little wave with her fingers, like "come on up here buddy." Then it got worse. She started using both of her arms, raised above her head, smiling, nodding, waving like a maniac. Dan is looking down at a hymn book trying not to laugh, and I am looking past her pretending like I don't see the waving....as if it could go unnoticed. Everyone in the audience is looking around while I sit on the back row with a straight face. In my head I am thinking "OH MY HELL IS THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING. STOP LADY, JUST STOP WAVING YOUR ARMS AND SING!" Finally she gives up because everyone is in their seats ready to sing. So she turns around and says something to the choir, and just when we thought the awkwardness was over she turns around AGAIN. She waves her arms at us with the biggest smile on her face. I wish I could have taken a picture of my face right there in that moment. I was stunned. Who does this?! Dan is now bent over laughing....I have tears coming out of my eyes from holding in the laughter. She proceeds to wave like a wild animal over and over and over while I proceed to look past her and smile. Finally, after what seemed like 31 minutes, she gave up.....and I gave up on holding back the laughter. The funniest part of the whole thing is that the couple in front of us thought she was waving at them. So they're sitting there shaking their heads, motioning no with their hands, mouthing NO, and feeling really uncomfortable. We were laughing so hard we were crying. Totally irreverent. Then, as if that wasn't funny enough the choir starts singing the re-composed words of Sister Nice......and the somewhat quiet laughter turned into completely inappropriate and we had to get up and leave before we were struck with lightening.

My last words as we stood on the sidewalk and laughed: "That did NOT just happen!"

p.s. You ought to see Dan' impression of Sister Nice. Diapers must be worn when you watch it.

p.s.s. She called me after church and left a 3 min. 10 second voice mail about how she was waving at us to come up there to sing and how spiritual I am.

Yep...this is my life.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Remember when?

Dan went to Hastings to rent a movie or a game....I can't remember which, irrelevant really. He went to check out and the amazingly clueless teenager ringing him up told him that his membership expired. Here's the conversation....

Clueless: This membership expired.

Dan: Ok, can I renew it? Or do I need to sign up for a new one?

Clueless: Um. No.

Dan: No?

Clueless: Your membership is expired so you can't rent this.

Dan: I realize it's expired, how do I get one that isn't expired?

Clueless: You can't. It's expired.

Dan (can you just picture the look on his face at this point?): Uhhhhh

Clueless: *stands there and stares*

Dan: So I can't ever rent from here because it expired.

Clueless: That's right

Dan: So what you're telling me right now is that since this card that you give to customers for free expired, there is no way that I can get a new one, which means I can never ever rent from Hastings again?

Clueless: Yes, that's correct.

Dan's mind was officially blown. He started laughing and left.
He came home and told me the story and I laid on the bed and laughed my face off.

Here's what I get from this story....
#1-People are extremely stupid. wow.
#2-How on earth did that kid get a job?????? It took me three months to find a job here and I have common sense!
#3-Who trained him and why does that trainer still have a job?
#4-Dan is too nice. I would have laughed in the kids face and told him to get a supervisor.
#5-Who are his parents?
#6-Our life is hilarious.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've got nothin'

Update anyone? Oh I'd love to give you one....but I've got nothing to say. Usually when something awesomely awesome happens in my life I come to my blog and jot a few notes down about it to remind myself to write about it, but I have not been doing this lately so I don't remember anything. Also, I feel like I have missed writing about so many events that I hate to just move on like nothing ever happened....but I must!
I'll start keeping better notes starting today.

You know what else I started today? Jillians Michaels 30 day shred.....and I used Zayden's spaghetti o's as weights. I hated every second of it. I wish I was one of those people that hated food and loved working out. Life would be awesome. Speaking of food, I cannot wait to end this blog so I can go whip up some lemon poppy seed muffins. Who'd like to join me?

A few weeks ago we went to Twin to see Adyson. Love her to bits!
Her latest funnies:

Ady: "Grandma is your house trashed?"
My mom and I start laughing
Grandma: "What???"
Ady: "Is your house trashed?"
Grandma: "No, why do you ask that?"
Ady: "Oh I don't know, I just thought maybe Zayden had been there."
My mom and I died. What 4 year old uses the word "trashed"? Seriously hilarious.

Her big thing that she loves loves loves to play is school. She's always the teacher. My mom has bought her a whole school set up....pointer and all. She thinks it's so awesome to boss us around and we think it's not awesome but we play along anyway.

Ady: "Draw the number five. Don't make me call the cops on you!"

Apparently she had just learned about the police and 911 in school. So all weekend we heard her threats of calling the cops and the ambulance if we didn't obey her. At one point I got kind of worried that she didn't truly understand that you can't just call the cops for stupid stuff, so I double checked with her about when we should actually call them. I do not want her to end up on "the stupidest 911 calls" on youtube one day. She seemed to understand pretty well.

She's still in love with dogs and cats and she cannot understand why I hate cats. Don't worry, I refrain from telling her how stinky and selfish they are. She tries to keep her cat away from me and apologizes for it when it comes near me. One time the dogs started barking outside and she looked at me and said, "Ugh! Be quiet dumb dogs! I am sorry they are acting like this, Ju." lol she cracks me up.

Dan just recently changed stations at work and he l.o.v.e.s it. Sometimes he forgets to call home during the day because he l.o.v.e.s it so much. Turd. He likes the guys he works with and they all seem to get along pretty well. Dan gets along with almost anybody, but he met his match at the last station he worked at. It was a rough year, but we've moved on & we're oh so glad.
I always find it funny how excited people get when they find out Dan is a firefighter. We actually had one guy ask Dan if he could come to the station and try on his turn outs just to see what it feels like. Not even kidding. I always warn Dan about getting a big head over peoples comments. Lets face it, there are some firefighters out there that are just a little too excited to be labeled "heroes". Call me a bad wife, but I refuse to have my husband be one of those. Men are usually the ones that start oogling over the fact that he can call himself DanDan the fireman (okay, maybe only I call him that). The other day he went to the chiropractor and the dude instantly fell in love with him once he found out his profession....and upon leaving the office the Chiro said "Cool, now I can say that I actually KNOW a firefighter." Really? Does it automatically make you cool amongst your peers to KNOW a firefighter? If so, I am one lucky SOB because I married one. Yessssss. People can hate me all they want, but once I drop the "my eternal companion is a fireman" bomb, I'm automatically in like flynn. How lucky is my life?!

Speaking of the fireman, he turns 30 next month! Who's exciteeeed?! Not him! He thinks it's lame that he's 30 with no child. I think it's pretty lame as well. If I could buy him a baby for his birthday, I would. In fact, I'd buy him 30 babies just so we could get our own TV show on TLC. What isn't lame is that he's 30 and he's still pretty awesome. Although, in 30 years he's acquired some pretty troublesome habits...let me name 30 of them for you. Hahaha I kid I kid...but seriously, for your next 30 years lets work on the sniffing and twitching in bed while I'm trying to snooze, can we? kthanksbye.

I will close with these tidbit gems:

-Don't you love when you're in sacrament meeting and the speaker that has gone on and on for the past 35 minutes says "I will close with....". Oh man my heart skips a beat because I know they're about to shut their pie hole. Haha...don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

-My arm has been twitching all night. I literally started punching myself to try and stop it. Still twitching....

-I just looked through pictures of when Adyson & Zayden were babes....hellz bellz they are stinkin adorable. The pictures of them in their car seats and bassinets make me want to have a baby like you wouldn't believe. I cannot wait to take pictures of my babies all snuggled up in a bassinet with their bums up in the air. (Yes, I know babies aren't supposed to sleep on their bellies...I've read 6 parenting books. Crazy much?)

-I didn't shower today.

-We're going to San Diego next month!

-I miss my husband today.

-I'm in the 'clean it out and throw it away' mood.

-My mom reminded me today of when we saw Chris Cagle in concert and he started fake crying. I'm laughing as I type this. Seriously awkward.

-Speaking of awkward how 'bout the After the Final Rose show? Uhhhhhh....2 months, tops.

-This is what is on my night stand right now.....a 3oz jar of Mentholatum (I'm addicted, so what?). Deodorant. Water. IB Profen. A giraffe that holds my wedding ring. A box from Honduras. Earrings. A lamp. And the best thing off all, Flarp. Google it. Should I try to squeeze any other non essential item on my night stand?

-I just got the funniest text from my bff. Tears.

-I told you I had absolutely nothing to talk about.

-No pictures because I'm Laz-zay.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mish mashed and out of order.

How is it that a one and a half year old can completely exhaust a 26 year old? Shouldn't I have 26 times more energy?? Every time I turned around today my nephew had a pen, or scissors, or the dogs bone in his mouth. He's lucky he's cute is all I can say.

Isn't internet shopping fantastic? I've sufficiently drained the bank account while shopping in my underwear the last few weeks and it's been wonderful. No shoes, no shirt=no service at Target. But target.com is whole different story. No shoes, no shirt, no pants=come on in! Nothin better.

If you want to read something hilarious, you should go here. I don't even know this lady and I almost peed my pants laughing at her. Why? Because this is so something that would happen in my life. http://meanmommyuniversity.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-i-told-my-kids-mama-was-one-child.html">

Dan got new bedding last week. He's obsessed with it. It was supposed to be for work, but he kept it home instead. That night I was telling him something (really important, I'm sure!) and this was his reply, "What? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the awesomeness of my pillow." I didn't know whether I should laugh or smack him. So I did both simultaneously.

On the 9th Dan and I volunteered at the Christmas Box house. We got to help sort through all of the stocking stuffer stuff. Plus we got to see all of the toys that were donated by the community. It was neat to see. When we were getting ready to leave a lady and her little boy brought in a whole suburban full of toys. It filled the whole living room area! Dan said next time he would like to volunteer with the children. I'm not sure I'm up for something like that. It's too sad for me. We'll see.

Dan's little brother got engaged recently. Yay for them! They're getting married on Dan's 30th birthday. If you remember back in one of my other posts I told you I had some great plans up my sleeve for his big 3-0. Well, a wedding wasn't exactly what I was referring to, but it is now! This is the first year in 10 years that he will be in Arizona with his family for his birthday. I think that's a great birthday gift =)

Remember the new bedding I told you about? We bought it about 2 weeks before Christmas. In fact, we went out shopping for other people and came home with $90 worth of stuff for ourselves. oh the selfishness. Dan was feeling really guilty about it once we piled it in the trunk, I was only feeling a tinge of guilt because all I bought was a pair of $5 gloves I needed. The whole way home he was feeling kind of bad. Being the good wife that I am I tried to justify every penny to help him feel better. As we were hauling our Santa sack full of goods up the stairs, our neighbor came out and told us he has been trying to get a hold of us for awhile because his vacuum broke and he wondered if he could borrow ours. My mind instantly went back 3 months earlier when I ignored his door bell ringing...I knew I should have just opened the door. We're awesome neighbors if you couldn't tell. The man had obviously been vacuum less for at least 3 months. Dan graciously offered to let him borrow ours on Sunday (because that's when he does his cleaning). As our door closed behind us Dan and I just stared at each other and all of our crap and I said, "we're buying him a vacuum, right?" Dan nodded and off to Walmart we went! We put the vacuum together and put in on his door step with a bow a few days later so he could wake up to surprise. He caught Dan as he was leaving for work that morning and told him thank you. The bad part is now he wants to be our BFF. I told Dan I didn't want him to feel that way. I wanted to give a vacuum with no strings attached. Dan's reply? "too late, he's coming over for dinner on Wednesday." Dan is too nice, he cant say no, and he doesn't know how to get out of ANYTHING. He is the official YES man, unless I'm the person wanting a yes out of him. He has no trouble saying no to "Hey, how 'bout putting child locks on the cabinet under the sink so little man doesn't eat Ajax for lunch one of these days?" or "That smell you're are gagging on is the garbage. Dumpster anyone?" Anyway, lunch with *G-fry tomorrow at 7pm. Who's joining the awkwardness? We've already conned Zayden into joining us...poor kid doesn't even know what's coming. *his name really isn't G-fry...obviously. It's Godfrey. He's from Nigeria. We called him God for awhile, but for some reason it just didn't feel right, so now his official name (when he's not around) is G-fry.

A few weeks ago I was nice and warm, sleeping so soundly when all of the sudden I feel the bed shaking. I was kind of scared for a second until I realized it was Dan laughing. I'm not talking a little chuckle either. It was uncontrollable laughter. I lay there with my eyes open trying to see if he was watching something on the computer, or reading something, or if his eyes were even open. None of the above were happening so I finally said "HONEY!" more bed shaking. "HONEY!?" The bed stopped shaking and he's trying to act all innocent, "Huh?" Right then I knew he had been asleep the whole time, but I said "Are awake? What are you laughing at you're shaking the bed!" he paused for a second, humiliated "Eh, nothin. I'll tell you later." And back to sleep land he went. Don't worry, I told him all about it the next morning.

For Christmas Dan and I got to buy all the presents for a family he helped host. It was fun, but more work than I thought it would be. We had 4 boys to buy for between the ages of 7 & 14. I've always wanted to this, but I never really knew how to go about doing it. This year Dan made it happen and I'm so glad. Even though I don't know the family, I thought about those boys off and on all Christmas day. I hope they enjoyed it despite their circumstances.

Josh and his family got to come visit us the weekend before Christmas. It was such a fun time. Ady is getting so big. She talks like she's 16 and it cracks us all up. She likes to be in charge and boss people around. I'm scared for when she's really 16. Her mean streak comes out once in awhile, which scares us because it reminds us of her mother. Yikes! She's definitely smart, and loves loves loves animals. I could squeeze her to death. We had lots of fun times, decorating gingerbread houses, snow ball fights, food, dance offs, lights, barbies, presents, and lots of laughing. It was great! We love Josh's new wife Michelle and her son Dylan. She is so laid back and a go with the flow type person. Such a breath of fresh air for all of us.

Next year Dan will be attending tithing settlement without me. He doesn't know this yet because he's still at work. I did it by myself this year whilst wrangling a fussy 18 month old who kept farting. Plus I got called the wrong name the entire time even though I kindly told him my name is Julie Fisher. You know, the Julie Fisher that comes to church every week, been in the ward 2.5 years, taught Sunday school for a year with your wife, hands you tithing EVERY WEEK because we get paid opposite weeks. Yeah, that Julie Fisher. Bless him for his efforts. Bless me not to judge. It gets harder every week. *sigh* Oh how I miss Idaho.

Christmas Eve turned crappy real fast, but only for like an hour. The weekend before while the family was here, Dan had misplaced his keys. If anyone knows Dan you know that this is so out of character for him. He never loses anything...and I lose everything. So he tried to blame me a few times, then he tried to blame the baby a few times. I was convinced it was in the toy box. That week was busy and Dan had just been using the truck key off my key chain, so we really didn't worry much about it. On Christmas eve Dan finally decided we were going to go make a new set of keys later that day when I got home. My mom and I decided to stop at DI to look for an Operation game (remember that game?) because the one she had has a broken nose and doesn't light up. When we got done shopping we put the stuff in the trunk and went to get in the car and it was locked. I had locked my keys in the trunk while looking through a bag that needed to be donated to DI. Nooooooooo! I called Dan to come get us because it was freezing and the store was closing. I was surprised at how many people came to help us. Finally an employee came out and said he had the tools to open car doors because employees lock keys in their car on a weekly basis there. Awesome, I've now been compared to a DI employee. In the meantime 2 people drove up and told us to just stick another key in the door and turn it and try to jiggle it open. Dan did it with his truck key (which is a crappy flimsy copy) and bent his key. Not awesome. 2 key stores later we got someone to make a copy, and luckily it worked! It's a Christmas miracle.

On Christmas day we got a call from my aunt saying that they were going to take my Gram to the hospital. A few days earlier she had slipped on some ice and hit her head pretty hard, so we thought maybe she had bleeding on her brain because she had been dizzy and nauseous. Come to find out it is her heart. She was in A-fib which is a pre cursor to a stroke. She's doing lots better now and we're happy she's ok. I'm so lucky to still have living grandparents, not everyone does! I love that Dan calls them grandma and grandpa, it give me a tickle every time he does. He loves them as much as I do.

On the 27th my sister called me and told me that Zayden had just tripped and cut his head open on a TV speaker. She said it was pretty bad and wondered if we could come help her hold him down at the Doctor's office because her boyfriend was at work in Logan. Luckily Dan was home that day. He did indeed need stitches and he was not happy one bit. Poor little guy. I left the room to go play with Mylie and CJ, while Joni and Dan watched him suffer. Joni cried of course and Dan admitted that was one of the more traumatic things he had seen in his life and had a hard time not crying (do not tell him I told you). He said the worst part was numbing it. The Doctor had to stick the needle in his incision 6 different times to make sure it was all numb. Blood was everywhere. He got 6 or 7 stitches total...I've never been able to count them because he never stops long enough for me to do so =)

On Christmas Eve (before the key incident), my mom went to Lee's grocery store to buy some meat for Christmas dinner. She went and looked at the prime rib, just to see how much it was. At $7 a lb she decided she would forgo the prime and find something else. As she was walking away she saw a huge bow on one of the prime ribs so she picked it up and looked at the price. It was only $2.50 a lb. It looked exactly like the other prime rib packaging, so she went and asked the butcher why it was so cheap. He smiled and said, "Merry Christmas! Every few hours we take the best part of the prime rib and mark it down and put a bow on it until someone finds it." My mom was so excited, she came home and called me right away. I love when the Christmas spirit comes out in people!

I realize I have not given an update on my office visit after my surgery. There's not much to tell, really. I have mild endometriosis, and my Doctor lasered what he could find. Still no baby though. Infertility is rough. Never in a million did I think I would have to say those words. Never. I guess it's the same mentality that a lot of us have about medical problems, "It will never happen to me." But it is happening to me and it's sad, and heartbreaking, and unfair. I was telling my mom some of the things I have to worry about everyday....ya know, peeing on this at this time, watching this, doing that, is it high, is it low, is it peaking, did I take that pill, did I do that today or was that yesterday...it never ends. My mom said "jeeeez, this is like a full time freaking job!" and it is. Except I haven't gotten paid for it yet, that's the crappy part. I realize this could all be so much worse. Life could be worse, and it is worse for a lot of people. So for now, I will count the blessings I do have, and have faith that maybe now is just not the time for us to have children. Easier said than done =)

Life is good.

I have a lot of pictures to post, so I am going to do another post with a slide show.