Tuesday, December 11, 2012

44 weeks.
He's looking extra mischievous in this one, because now it takes 2 of us to even take these pictures, one to hold him down for a second, and the other to take the picture in the blink of an eye before he rolls around or messes everything else up. We will end up having to duct tape him to the ground to stay still from now on I think.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

      43 weeks. So blessed to have Mason with us the last 10+ months. We got a scare yesterday when Mason cried so hard he couldn't breathe. His face turned blue and gray and his eyes rolled to the back of his head and I think he passed out. Luckily he started breathing right then before CPR was started, but still, scary. Dan was at work of course, but rushed home right away, but Mason was fine after that, just cried and was really tired for some reason. It reminds us how lucky we are that we've gotten to spend this much time with him when so many others haven't had that luxury. Here's to 43 more weeks, and hopefully many many more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

42 weeks

42 weeks.   That was a fun day.

Monday, November 12, 2012

      I don't even want to hear about the corner of the picture with carpet. It's getting harder and harder to get him to hold still. So what you get is what you get.

Monday, November 5, 2012

40 weeks

40 weeks now. He just learned to crawl recently, and we kinda wish he'd unlearn how to do that and relearn how to just sit still. He's a handful, but he's a heartful too. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I think we missed a week, but oh well. He hasn't changed much except he hates taking naps now.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Here's the last 2 weeks. We are getting lazier and lazier. Can't wait til we're done with these, but it will be worth it......I hope.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

36 weeks

 This is what we got from the video most of you saw of him rolling around a squeaking uncontrollably. Soooo, let's just be happy it turned out this good.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 35

    We've been pretty busy the last few weeks, we went down to Arizona, and when we got back Dan has been working nonstop almost for 2 weeks, so that's why we're posting all of these at once.

Mason's Weekly pics. About 8 months old now.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I'll pay you $5

Sometimes Mason makes noises like a Dolphin. It's hilarious. Like, so hilarious that if he wakes up at 2:32 am with a high pitched squeek, Dan and I actually wake up and laugh. Very few things are funny at that time of the morning. I also laugh when I tell Dan, "I will pay you $5 of your own money to go feed our Dolphin...and I will even provide the food." The other night I actually upped the payment to $10...I was THAT tired. He said, "make it 20." Being the nice wife that I am, I said "I'll do $25." He totally took it. Sucker.

Remember when he was this small?! presh

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Postpartum is retardum

I feel like people were withholding information from me about this whole pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum stuff. I'm hear to clear this all up once and for all. Lets put it all out on the table. (really I'm just writing this to remind myself what it was like before I get myself into it again.)

Pregnancy:  I look back on pregnancy (which consisted of Burger King food poisoning, 3 months of bronchitis, 1 ER visit with C-Diff, round ligament pain, and pelvic pain so bad that I cried) and think, "that was the easy part and I didn't even realize it!"

Labor and delivery: It's only as dramatic as you make it. If you want to be all crazy and hyperventilate and blame everything on your "terrible" nurse, go for it. If you don't, don't. It really is that simple. Sure, there are the occasional crazy complications, but for the most part everything is pretty routine from woman to woman.

Nursing: Painful and frustrating. If someone tells you "it shouldn't be painful" please give me their name and I will hunt them down and smack them....right across the face. Yes it is and yes it should be! That is very sensitive skin friends and it needs to build up a callus before it stops hurting. For about 2 weeks it's very painful. Like toe curling, tears, blood, clenched teeth kind of painful. Now for the frustrating part. Babies don't know what they're doing and neither do you. It's the blind leading the blind. Babies also tend to do this really cute thing where they latch on correctly and suck well for the lactation specialist at the hospital. Then you go home and, yaaay, baby can't latch on or suck or stay awake long enough to do either. Now lets talk about pumping and bottle feeding in one big long run on sentence. When both you and baby are sitting on the couch in tears because he hasn't eaten in oh, say, 9+ hours because your milk supply is almost as low as the milk in the fridge because you haven't been able to grocery shop in weeks because all you do is try to nurse and and all he does is not eat and all you want to do is give him the bottle so you know that he's actually getting enough (breathe), think again. Not happening. He hates the bottle. the bottle hates him. and you hate life. Don't say I didn't warn you. It take about 3 months to fully get feeding under control. So on week 1 when you're crying to your husband about nursing, just remember, only 83 more days and your baby will be eating like a champ.

Postpartum in general: You are not yourself. I'm not usually a crier. I cried. Every day. Several times a day. By the 5th day of crying it usually comes to a head and you bawl and sob and get it all out and say weird things to your husband...then it all starts over again. Secondly, life has changed more than you ever imagined. Remember when going to the store used to be a crappy chore? Now it's a freaking vacation. I remember the first time I went to Walmart by myself after having Mason...I was a new woman when I came home! I was so refreshed and renewed...ready to take on our new life like I had been at the beach for 5 days! I sit here 5 months (to the day) later and wonder what in the world happened those first couple of months. Everything was so....different. It was like I had to find myself all over again. I had to keep telling myself "I'm Julie Fisher, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend....and a mommy?!" Saying the words "I am a parent" literally made me laugh. I kept feeling like I was just babysitting this precious baby, and that someone was going to come pick him up at the end of the day. Week  by week it got a little easier, but it took me a good 3 months before I comfortably wore the hat of 'mommy'. I felt like my old life had slipped through my fingers in an instant, but I was trying to hang on to it. Little did I know I was grasping at air. The best advice and encouragement I got was from my mom. She told me that I was mourning my past in a way. I was mourning losing what I knew for 27 years. I was mourning my selfishness...and I loved my selfishness a lot. It wasn't that the "new" me and the "new" life wasn't what I wanted, it was that I didn't know how to embrace it (I have a hard time letting go...obviously). I knew what she was saying was true. I remember going through this same type of cycle when I got married. I specifically remember driving home from work one night, and a car load of teenagers pulled up next to me. They were laughing, singing, dancing, and having a good time. I cried because I knew that was no longer me, yet I could still identify with them. I could see myself sitting in their car being all crazy...but in reality I was sitting in my car driving home to the next chapter of my life (which I loved). The life of responsibility, and a husband.Nine years later I found myself in the same situation but different circumstance. On one hand I was sad that our old life was no longer what it was, but on the other hand I loved this new life and this new baby that we had prayed and hoped for, for so many years. And then my mom said these magic words that calmed my innards- "...And it's ok to mourn that. Let yourself FEEL that. Let yourself feel sorry, let yourself feel sad, let yourself cry...then move on and let it all go." And that is exactly what I did. I cried. I reminisced. I thought back to all the extraordinary moments. I felt sad to leave my selfishness behind. I felt sad that our marriage of 9 years would never be the same. I missed doing what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. I felt every bit of it.  Then I went into the bathroom, washed my face, and let it all go. And that is where my post partum baby blues ended.  It's interesting to think that when we have another baby, I will most likely go through this mourning cycle again. I will miss the days that I only had one baby. The days where I got to take naps with him. The days when I thought 1 kid was overwhelming. The days that I got to hold him and cuddle him without interruption. In the end I am certain that our "new" life will always be even better than the one we let go.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Favorite Baby Stuff

Before I had Mason I did extensive research on baby items. I was crazaaaay about it, but I didn't care, because these things are expensive and if you buy everything on the market, you will be broke in no time! I loved reading other mom's ideas and opinions...so here are some of the things that I love most...besides my precious baby!

Swaddle me: I use the Summer infant swaddle me. For winter time I used the mirco fleece. It is a light fleece that doesn't seem to be too hot for cold nights. For spring -through Fall I'll use the cotton swaddle (I put a light blanket on him during the spring and fall nights that are a little cooler). The cotton is quite thin and seems to run larger than the mircofleece because it is stretchy. I started using a large cotton swaddle when he was 11 lbs. It's a little big but still works. By 10 lbs the fleece was getting snug. 

J.J. Cole Bundle me:  This is so good for the winter time. No blanket needed! It's nice and cozy. Cons: the back of it where the baby's head goes is bumpy because it has holes for adjusting the straps. We had to put a head support in it to cover up the holes and make it more comfortable. Also, I found Mason getting hot in it pretty easily. If it's even somewhat warm outside, the Bundle Me is too hot. I took it out of his carseat when it got to be around 60 degrees outside and started using a light blanket.

Pampers Swaddlers or Huggies Little Snugglers: Not only are there different brands of diapers, but there are different grades of diapers within each brand. Who knew?! I thought huggies were huggies and pampers were pampers. They're not. Swaddlers and Snugglers are by far the softest. There is a definite difference in the quality of a Huggies Snuggler and a Huggies Snug and Dry. Dan likes that there is a yellow line going down the middle that turns green to tell you if the diaper is wet. The Huggies seem to run smaller than the Pampers in our experience. Cons: They're more expensive (worth it though) There are lots of coupons out there for Huggies if you look for them. Pampers coupons are harder to come by.

Medela pump: I've done enough research on these to realize that it IS ok to buy a used pump. (I've only researched the Medela's) At first I thought it was completely gross and unsanitary. Here's the thing: anything that touches skin or milk can be thrown away and replaced for a lot cheaper than buying a new pump. You can even pop off the face of the pump and make sure that no milk has leaked down into it.The pump itself is basically just a small air compressor. No milk goes down into the pump. Cons: expensive, even used.

#Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer: I spent weeks researching bouncers. I did not want a bouncer that didn't bounce well, or that sat up too straight. I also wanted the seat to be adjustable. Bright Starts isn't a high end brand by any means, but this bouncer is perfect. The only thing I don't like about it is the toy bar is really close to the baby's face-but in my research I found that almost every bouncer has that problem. The seat on this goes in two positions: laying back, or sitting up. The sitting up position isn't so straight up that it makes Mason's neck scrunched. It's perfect.
 Pampers Sensitive Wipes: These work really well with the wipe warmers.They are thin and seem more moist than the thick wipes. I found that the thicker wipes dried out in the wipe warmers which then caused diaper rash because it was so rough on his little bum. (the thick ones alone-not warmed-work fine).

Sleepers that zip instead of button:  I can barely figure out how to button these correctly when I'm wide awake much less at 2am! Zip and you're done.

Safety Q-tips: I never have to worry about sticking it in his ear too far. These are pretty much only good for the ears. I use regular q-tips to clean around his belly button and for getting boogies out of his nose.

Jersey knit blankets: They have a little bit of stretch too them. When I swaddle him in them I don't feel like I'm making him claustrophobic because he can move a little bit with the stretchy-ness. They're also the right thickness. Not too hot, not too cold.

Boppy pillow: Awesome for nursing. This really helped me get the hang of nursing and helped him latch on better. He also loves to lay in it and look at the ceiling fan =)

Socks that look like shoes: These were just fun to put on and a lot less bulky than actual shoes.

Carseat cover:  Such a great invention! Sheilds them from the rain, the wind, and the sun. Love it

Diaper bag that converts into backpack: This is what I have and I love it. We have two flights of stairs to hike up and it's so nice to throw this on my back so I can carry groceries and everything else I drag out of the house on a daily basis (seriously, why do kids have to much stuff?!)

Mirror for car: These are really nice to have if you can find one that woks. We went through a couple before we found one that works well enough. The ones that stick to your window did not work for us, but I wish they did because they are a lot less bulky. There have been many times where I have looked in the mirror and noticed Mason wasn't holding his head up, so I'm glad I have one!

Bath seat: This is the one I use. It's a Summer infant large bath seat. It's so much nicer that trying to hold up a wet baby in the sink or the tub. One bad part about it is that you have to fill up your tub quite a bit to get the water to the right level. It's worth it to me though. He has fit in it since he got his first bath at a week old.

Snuza breathing monitor: I will admit this is a pricey product (especially when you see how small it is). With that said, this has been the #1 thing I have been so thankful to have. Especially those first few weeks when any amount of sleep you get is so precious. I never had to stay up worrying if he was breathing. All I have to do is fold the top of the diaper down and push the snuza onto it. We have only had one false alarm because it fell off (which will give you a freaking heart attack!) and it was totally our fault for not putting it on right. Best gift I got!

Thermometer: This might not be as important to some people as it is to me. We live in a condo with vaulted ceilings and two floors. His nursery is upstairs and it is hot up there. I worried about the temperature in his room since before he was born because I know that being over heated has been related to SIDS. So when I got this from my friend, I was so thankful for it.  We rely on this all the time to make sure it's not too hot or too cold for him.

Mesh bag for socks: I know this isn't a regular baby item, but it is such an awesome idea that my friend taught me. Put the baby's socks in here, then throw them in the washer. Now you don't have to go to work and find one of the baby's socks stuck to the inner thigh of your pants, yay!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first real Mother's Day!

My first Mother's day was a success! Dan made it so special. It started the night before with fancy cupcakes from Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe. Yum! Chocolate mint and Rocky Road were my favorites.
The next morning he made me breakfast burritos. Sausage and eggs smothered in 5lbs of cheese with a nice warm tortilla. Hit the spot.
Then he had a picture of Mason blown up to an 8X10 with a sign that said "Happy First Mother's Day Mommy!" Adorable I tell you. He also made me a cute card and had it printed with pictures of Mason and us on it.
Then he made me a smilebox that had our story with pictures. Here's how the story went in his words:

Once upon a time a handsome genius took a beautiful princess to a castle far far away.
For 9 years it was just the two of them.
Then one day they had a perfect baby boy named Mason.
And he rocked their friggin' world!
And they lived happily ever after.
Happy Mother's Day.

That sums up the last 9 years of our life right there! 

Dan also let me take a nap (my one request when he asked what I wanted!), and also did laundry and dishes.

But the best gift of all cannot be seen, it can only be felt. What is it? An unclogged milk duct. Hallelujah! 

I feel so blessed to be a mommy and a wife. THIS is what life is all about. This is what I prayed for and hoped for all my life and I am so happy to have it all.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Why I love/hate the pediatrician and hate/hate my neighbor

So I never thought I would be the crazy/stressed first time mom. (I laughed as I typed that). I guess I thought I'd all of the sudden turn into this cool, calm, not stressed mother of the year.

Knock knock. Who's there? Crazy first time mom, that's who.
Mason's pediatrician confirmed this to me when she called me neurotic AND crazy all in one visit.

Me: He goes through these periods every few weeks where he doesn't eat for like 8 or 9 hours every day for like 4 days straight. The last time he did this he lost 4 ounces over a week.

Her: How do you know he lost 4 ounces.

Me: Uh, I weigh him.

Her: You weigh him?? Ok, that's a little neurotic don't you think?

Me: Um.

Her: (looking at Dan) She's crazy isn't she?! (looking at me) You're crazy!

Me: laughing, trying to pretend like my son not eating is a hilarious joke.

Dan: Yes!

And that was the end of it.

I accept those words. I embrace my crazy side. But I'm still wondering why my child doesn't like to eat?? I guess we'll never know. Calm mom's don't need to know. And I'm a calm mom....these knots in my back and shoulders prove that I am. Right?  (seriously, if Dan says "Goose-fra-braaaa" Name that movie to me ONE more time I might show him what crazy really is!)

In the end, I realized that maybe I need to calm down and I'm glad that his pediatrician is real with us. Sometimes crazies just need to be called crazy by the right person before they realize they're 42 seconds away from being admitted to looney bin.

P.S. the lactation consultant also gently hinted at the fact that I'm cookoo as well when I told her I had to taste the breast milk because it smelled rotten. I'm getting used to the label now. Just so you know, we have been force feeding our child rotten breast milk from the freezer, so my taste test was not for not. I cry just thinking about this, so maybe in a later post it will be explained. I'm working on being calm, this subject does not make me calm. In fact, my eye just twitched.

Lets move on to why my neighbor is even crazier than I am.

She called me a grandma the other day.

I honestly wish I could have taken a picture of my face at this point. WTF is what my face had written all over it.  I was walking down the stairs as she was walking into her house

Her: "aww you have your grandson with you today?"

Me: Just thinking maybe she slipped and said grandson instead of son  "um.uh. yep"

Her: "aren't grand kids the best?"

I don't know moron, ask me in 40 years!

Don't ever question why I try to stay locked in my house for as many hours as possible every day

My Grandson

Monday, March 26, 2012

39 + 5

I always knew Mason would be born on the 16th....until the 15th rolled around and I was having no contractions at all. My hips had about had it with this little boy planting himself on them for 9 months. He was head down my entire pregnancy and it was really beginning to wear on me. I went on a walk Sunday night around 6pm hoping that would help with contractions. No such luck. I left my mom's house that night around nine o'clock and told her as I walked out the door "he's not coming for at least another week." And I was dead serious. Little did I know a waterfall was about to explode. (Seriously, do not let anyone ever tell you that your water breaking is just a little trickle. It's not.) At 11:45 pm my water broke in bed. (Yay for mattress pads!) I was stunned. Literally. I didn't know what to do. I had not mentally rehearsed it happening like this, so I had no plan (and I need a plan). Dan turned on the light and we just stared at each other. Then I started laughing because the look on Dan's face told me that he had no plan either. In fact, his exact words were "I have no idea what is going on really. I'll google it" Um, we're having a baby honey. Once I turned my brain on I decided to get in the shower while Dan googled away. I wonder what he typed in exactly? I can only imagine. One 30 minute shower later (because that's how long it took for Niagara Falls to decide it was ok to calm down) I remembered my sister telling me to go straight to the hospital if my water ever broke. I called the nurse at the hospital and she told me to come in right away and they would check to see if my water was actually broken. I wanted to laugh when she told me that. I'm pretty sure I haven't been peeing my pants for the last 30 minutes. In fact, I think it's hilarious that the first thought pregnant women actually think of when their water breaks is "am I peeing?" lol so dumb. As if we go around wetting our pants for 9 months and can't tell the difference?! Denial is what I call it =). By 1am we were checking into the Family Birth Place. I knew the nurses didn't believe that my water had broken because I wasn't having any contractions at all. They weren't even going to put me in a real room at first, just an observation room. Once the nurse determined that it had actually broken, reality set in. We.are.having.a.freaking.baby. From here on everything went SO fast. They started pitocin and checked me around 2am and I was only at a 2 (I'd been a two for 2 weeks). Still no contractions. I asked the nurse when she thought I should call my mom to tell her to come in. She said to wait until morning and let her know that you're here and she can make her way in. I got the impression that she thought I wouldn't be having the baby until later in the evening on Monday. About 30 min later the pitocin kicked in. The contractions weren't too bad. They were bearable. At 3:30 my nurse checked me again and I was still at a 2 and the contractions were getting worse. Of course I started getting nauseated and throwing up, but I expected that because that's how I roll when I'm in pain. A little Zofran and we were back in contraction business. By this time Dan was sleeping on the most uncomfortable pull out bed I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, could we replace those at least once a decade?! At 5:00 my sister came into work. She works on the L&D floor so she got to come visit and check on me throughout the morning. At 6:00am I was only at a 3.5 and the contractions were terrible. I could no longer talk through them and the nurse had to remind me to breath. I tried really hard not to be dramatic about it. I've watched plenty of TLC's "It's a Baby Story" to know that people can get pretty annoying and dramatic while in labor, and I was determined not to be one of those. My nurse recommended that I get the epidural at that point because my cervix was so far back still and it wouldn't move forward unless I was relaxed. In fact her exact words were "you're getting an epidural girl!" I was amazed at how quickly the anesthesiologist was in my room. I was also amazed at how it seemed like it took forever to get the epidural in the right spot and working. I remember the Doctor telling me "about 10 more minutes and you should be feeling great" and I said "TEN WHOLE MINUTES? HOLY CRAP!" I thought I would die before the 10 minutes was up. But I lived. After the epidural kicked in I tried to rest. Around 8:00 am I decided to call my mom. Zayden had spent the night at her house the night before so I knew I needed to give her enough time to get Zayden ready and to his dad. At this point I was still thinking Mason wouldn't be here until that evening. The nurse checked me right before I called my mom and I was already at a 6. I told my mom not to rush, but that I was at a 6. Thirty minutes later Mason's heartbeat started to drop. The nurse quickly came in and said that we may have to turn off the pitocin if it kept happening. She checked me and I was at an 8. I hurried and called my mom and said "Uh, ok, maybe hurry a little." I did not want her to miss it. By 9 o'clock Mason's heart beat started dropping consistently. I was getting really nervous because I knew my nurse was in another delivery and no one had come in to check on me or Mason during the decels. I was about to push the nurse button when one of the other nurses came rushing in. She said she was going to check me because I was probably fully dilated. I remember saying "She just checked me a 20 minutes ago, there's no way." Her response? "You're a 10. I'll call your doctor in" I about died! I called my mom and said "get here now!" She walked in the room right as I was pushing. phew! I was so relieved when she finally made it. Next thing I knew my Doctor was there with his big goofy smile. Seriously, the best word to describe him is "goober" He's just so relaxed and always has this big quirky smile on his face. I really like him though. It was weird to see him in jeans and a T-shirt. It's kind of like seeing your Bishop wearing anything but a suit. haha! Back to the story....The Doctor had me push about 5 times and BAM, our little guy was in the Doctors arms screaming his little brains out! Those first cries were so precious. Dan and I had said the whole pregnancy that we wouldn't believe we were really having a baby until we could see and hear him. My first thought was how small he looked....and his head wasn't huge! (I had this irrational fear the whole pregnancy that he was big head Tod). My doctor had guessed that he would be around 8 lbs, so I was expecting a bigger baby. Dan said his little cry sounded like donald duck. And it did.

After he was all cleaned up we got to cuddle our new little burrito.
And that's how we became Fisher, party of 3.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poop stains and Hanes

New Years eve 2011....the day I realized how out of touch I am with my feminine side/reality/society in general.

No really.

The game: Cranium.
8 of us playing. Guys against girls. I only know one other couple in the room.

Question for the girls: Write down the first 3 words that come to mind when you hear the word 'underwear'. To win, 2 of our answers have to match up with someone from our team.

So, all 4 of us write down our answers.

Their answers (that actually match up with each other!):
Victorias Secret

My answers (that actually matched up with NO ONE):
Poop stains and Hanes.
I couldn't even come up with a 3rd

Imagine how awesome it was for me to read those out loud after hearing their answers! I managed to get through it with tears of laughter. Although, a piece of me still died in that moment.

Next stop: Victorias Secret for some "panties"

I hope your new year started off as humiliating as mine!

This is how you know you're pregnant

You know you're pregnant when...

You can't breath.

You get excited over a breast pump.

Your first thought after buying a pump is to try it out on your husband. What?

You clean the kitchen and you're flat out exhausted afterward.

You try to convince yourself that breast feeding will be awesome...

Every website you visit has something to do with babies

Heartburn. Need I say more?

You think the 3D pictures of your baby isn't creepy. In fact, it's adorable!

You can make it to the toilet in pitch darkness....4 times a night.

It's a great day when you don't dry heave while brushing your teeth!

You've researched every product on your baby registry extensively.

Bedtime is at 8pm

You have 3 shirts that actually fit and it sucks when they're all dirty.

Coughing and peeing are no longer two seperate tasks. Aye!

You feel like your hips are about to break in half when you stand up.

You walk into a room and people move so you can sit down. Yessss

Your husband doesn't look at you weird when you eat a gallon of milk and a box of cereal every three days. Or does he look at you weird and you just don't care?

You find out that they sell maternity garments in your 8th month and you're totally stoked to wear them! (And you're husband looks at them and says "what.are.those?"

You have to text your aunt and ask her how the crap you nurse with garments. Pull them up? Pull them down? Cut a hole in the boob? Oh, nursing garments you say? ah!

You take your nephew to the Dr's appointment with you and he screams "I see Juju's butt!" over and over and over....and you want to die, but you don't. You laugh and pretend like he's not saying it.

You go to the baby's room just to look how cute his crib is.

And last but not least, you pray for 10 fingers and 10 toes and dark hair. Haha!