Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter in the mud

Every year my family has a tradition of going to the desert to ride motorcycles & four wheelers the Friday and Saturday before Easter...every year we come home with a new story.
I will sum up this Easter story with a picture collage. Keep in mind as you're looking at this that I am not a fan of mud or all....not even a little bit.

This is where I found Dan Saturday morning at 10am. Sleeping in the motorcycle trailer while the rain was pouring down outside. He refused to get out of bed.

This is where I found everyone else. Smashed into a camper. Keep in mind, this is only half of us...

We decided we had enough of the smashed camper scene. So we left. This is what happens when you leave while it's get stuck and have to dig the mud out from the wheels so they will turn....

Then you drive 2 inches and start all over again.....and your hands end up looking like this....

Then the Donner Party comes over the hill on their ATV's to rescue you....laughing all the we result in obscene gestures....

and they keep laughing....then they take us back to the smashed camper scene that we so desperately wanted to get away from.
Once we were rescued, Gerald decides to have family scripture study...turns out he was really just reading out loud to himself.

Here is where we hiked a mountain to see this "awesome" cave.

Not awesome.

Then someone decides to take the scenic route back to camp. This is a picture of my sister and mom about to cry because we are about to slide off a cliff.

This is the Fisher's view of their near death experience. After all was said and done my uncle said "What was so bad about that? This happens all the time." Not in my life Corey!

Dan and Corey in the tunnel the Chinese dug with shovels. Quite amazing...I'm glad that wasn't my job.

This looks a lot like the "camper scene" but it's not. We obviously like to squish a lot of people in little areas and take pictures of it, ok?

At least it's not raining anymore!

This is where Dan decided to relieve himself....right where everyone could see him....thank you hun.

Back at camp. Are we having fun yet??

How about now?


This is my "kill me now" face.

The dogs seem to be enjoying it!

It finally dried up enough (5 hours later) so we could go home and shower.
When we got in the car it started shaking uncontrollably. So, we took it to the car wash to spray the mud out of the wheels. Now instead of just muddy, we are wet and muddy....awesome.

Dan's face says it all. "Disgusted"

This is where I said "lets take a picture, pretend like this is funny."

Me, Dan, & my mom. My sister is in the car enjoying a mud free life.

Once we got home....and clogged up the tubs with mud....we headed to Elmo for my sister's baby shower!
Prego lady! Only 5 more weeks!

Thinking hard....

Joni, my dad's sister Sherrie, and her daughter Zoe! We were so glad they came!

Some of the wonderful gifts!
Thank you to everyone that came, and thank you Jill for letting us use your house!
Side note: I don't know why the spacing my posts are always messed up...sorry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Community pet

I need to give you (all 2 of you that read this) an update on the mysterious badger in my yard. First of all, I found out it's a that makes it any better...I'm still terrified of it. I swear I am the only one in the neighborhood that has seen the stupid thing! Either that, or no one else sees a problem in having a raccoon hanging out with us like it's a community pet. Why has no one called 911?? Ok, 911 might be a little crazy person-ish, but for the LOVE people. Call animal control, call Animal Planet, call SOMEONE! I'm not usually one to go around calling and complaining about stupid things that happen within the neighborhood, but I draw the line at raccoon. The other day I saw it walking around the pool area like it owned the place. Of course I'M the person pulling into the parking lot at this time. No one else was around...just Julie and the coon. I let this encounter slide thinking someone else would see it and do something about it. No. That did not happen. Last night Dan comes in the house laughing and tells me that the raccoon is out again and it ran under a car. Whose car you ask? I'll give you one guess. MINE. MINE! There are at least 100 cars in our parking lot and it runs under stall #83! Could it not have picked the whiskey tango (white trash for all you non phonetic alphabet readers) El freaking Camino parked in the stall next door? Obviously not. Julie's car it is. I was up all night wondering how I was going to get in my car at 5am to go to work without the raccoon attacking my face. Erin volunteered to put some work gloves on and catch it for me, but I don't trust her raccoon catching abilities (Plus I don't think she even knows what work gloves really are :))! Back to the story....I called the HOA, aka Kier Property Management, and left them a voice mail. I let them know that there was a raccoon about to eat me and I'd really appreciate it if it was dead by 5am. Who wants to bet that he raccoon is still all snuggled up in it's little hole (I found that too) waiting for me to walk out to my car? I'd like to think otherwise....

Don't try to tell me this picture doesn't scare the crap out of you. (btw, this is not an actual picture of our pet raccoon...I would never get that close....but this is EXACTLY what the disgusting thing looks fact it might be its twin. It's huge. HUGE I tell you!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good website

Here's another good website for coupons and saving money tips. I may even like it better than Frugal....hard to believe, I know.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They say it's your birthday!

Dan turns 28 today. Such an old man! We both have to work today, so we celebrated yesterday. It's times like these that I wish my Kodak camera wasn't always dead, so I could capture the kodak moments of our lives.
Here's a run down of the festivities. Watch out, we party hard...
We ate at Jasoh. I wouldn't recommend it. First we got an appetizer... Bruschetta with some foul smelling cheese. The waitress could tell we didn't like it (probably because we didn't eat any of it) and brought us out some pot stickers. Much better! The main entrees were OK at best. Mine had a mini tree coming out of the center of it. I have no idea why, but it was hilarious. Just imagine a piece of a pine tree sticking out of mashed potatoes and pot roast. Once the waitress walked away we both burst out laughing. I had a hard time containing myself while she was still standing there. Luckily I held in the laughter until she got 3 feet away from our table. Dan's came out with an enormous bone in the middle of it and a wing. It was literally HALF a chicken. Like, they cut the chicken directly in half and put it on Dan's plate. Obviously we should stick to the lower class restaurants from now on. Trees, stinky cheese, and wings are too much for the lame folk to handle. We went to Walmart afterwards...because we're classy like that..... Right when we walked in Dan saw a sign for McDonalds and said "Oh man that looks so good, we should have come here to eat!" I'm sure the look on my face was priceless (another missed kodak moment).The Walmart McDonalds? Seriously? We've lowered ourselves to this?! We'll have to save that romantic dinner for MY birthday. Anyways, Walmart is always an interesting place to be, isn't it? Having a bad day? Try Walmart. We were there for no more than 10 minutes and within that time we saw: A lady carrying diapers around with purple hair (thank you for NOT reproducing ma'am), a Mexican family following us around singing "oo ee oo ahah ching chang wadda wadda bing bang" at the top of their lungs OVER AND OVER AND OVER, and a man wearing no shirt and 1960's jacket with only the middle button snapped (bow chica wow wow). OH and last but not least, someone threw a piece of candy at Dan's head while were standing in line. I could not stop laughing. That just topped it all off. never fails me. NEVER. Bargains and entertainment. It's one stop shopping. What more could you ask for?

We also went to TOADS to play miniture golf, arcade games, and take pictures in the little booth thingy. Fun times! Lets do it all again next year, Hun! (Minus Jasoh and Walmart of course)

28 going on 12....and that's the way I like it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A mish-mash of updates

  • We bought a new laptop. Loooooove iiiit!

  • Dan tried out the webcam on the laptop.
  • The results are on the post below.
  • I banned Dan from the webcam.

  • We watched Twilight for the first time last night.
  • We banned Twilight from ever entering our home again.

  • Dan did the first part of his driver/engineer test
  • Didn't do so well.
  • I still like him anyway.

  • I started Weight Watchers....yet again.
  • I will succeed this time!

  • I started putting my enormous box of pictures into photo albums.
  • I love the memories they bring back.
  • If only I could stop looking at the pictures long enough to put them in the albums.

  • We got to see Adyson again last month.
  • She makes me laugh.
  • She calls me Ju.
  • I'm going to make her start calling me Ju-Dawg...just for fun.
  • I got up off the couch and my shirt had hiked up my back a little, Ady started laughing her head off and said, "Ju I saw your butt, your butt was hangin out!"
  • I'm sure I scarred her 2 year old mind for life.
  • Sorry Ady.

  • I felt baby Zayden move inside Joni's belly.
  • It was weird.
  • I'm still trying to decide if it freaked me out enough to never have a baby.
  • I'll keep you posted.

  • I got to see some friends from Twin Falls at Julie's wedding reception.
  • I miss them.

  • We're going to grandma's for Easter.
  • Always a good time.

  • We are very excited that Rob Dyrdek has a new show.
  • Watch it if you want to laugh.

  • There was a badger on our lawn last night.
  • I thought it was an enormous cat until it started eating with its hands.
  • I was worried that it would attack me this morning.
  • It didn't.