Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They say it's your birthday!

Dan turns 28 today. Such an old man! We both have to work today, so we celebrated yesterday. It's times like these that I wish my Kodak camera wasn't always dead, so I could capture the kodak moments of our lives.
Here's a run down of the festivities. Watch out, we party hard...
We ate at Jasoh. I wouldn't recommend it. First we got an appetizer... Bruschetta with some foul smelling cheese. The waitress could tell we didn't like it (probably because we didn't eat any of it) and brought us out some pot stickers. Much better! The main entrees were OK at best. Mine had a mini tree coming out of the center of it. I have no idea why, but it was hilarious. Just imagine a piece of a pine tree sticking out of mashed potatoes and pot roast. Once the waitress walked away we both burst out laughing. I had a hard time containing myself while she was still standing there. Luckily I held in the laughter until she got 3 feet away from our table. Dan's came out with an enormous bone in the middle of it and a wing. It was literally HALF a chicken. Like, they cut the chicken directly in half and put it on Dan's plate. Obviously we should stick to the lower class restaurants from now on. Trees, stinky cheese, and wings are too much for the lame folk to handle. We went to Walmart afterwards...because we're classy like that..... Right when we walked in Dan saw a sign for McDonalds and said "Oh man that looks so good, we should have come here to eat!" I'm sure the look on my face was priceless (another missed kodak moment).The Walmart McDonalds? Seriously? We've lowered ourselves to this?! We'll have to save that romantic dinner for MY birthday. Anyways, Walmart is always an interesting place to be, isn't it? Having a bad day? Try Walmart. We were there for no more than 10 minutes and within that time we saw: A lady carrying diapers around with purple hair (thank you for NOT reproducing ma'am), a Mexican family following us around singing "oo ee oo ahah ching chang wadda wadda bing bang" at the top of their lungs OVER AND OVER AND OVER, and a man wearing no shirt and 1960's jacket with only the middle button snapped (bow chica wow wow). OH and last but not least, someone threw a piece of candy at Dan's head while were standing in line. I could not stop laughing. That just topped it all off. Walmart....it never fails me. NEVER. Bargains and entertainment. It's one stop shopping. What more could you ask for?

We also went to TOADS to play miniture golf, arcade games, and take pictures in the little booth thingy. Fun times! Lets do it all again next year, Hun! (Minus Jasoh and Walmart of course)

28 going on 12....and that's the way I like it!

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DebbieJ said...

oopsie, I guess I'll wish you a happy belated birthday, bro. You wouldn't think it'd be that hard since yours and Rylee's birthdays are one day apart. I gotta get one of those thingies, um, what'dya call it..oh yeah, a calendar. To make up for it, I'm wishing you guys an early Happy Easter!