Monday, May 31, 2010

Once a weeker numero 4

I'm three days late on my update....and I've got nothin'.

I do have something that will blow your mind though. Brittany sent this to me when we got home from our cruise. So, just to justify my 4 lbs of weight gain that week, I present to you "Cruise consumption in pounds"

What is it about cruising that attracts so many travelers to the seven seas? Is it the opportunity to see the world? The remarkable cultures waiting to be experienced in exotic ports of call? The promise of a perfect family vacation?Or is it the 1,400 lbs. of lobster?"Cruising has long been associated with delicious, abundant food, so just for fun we asked what it takes to supply a typical week-long cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, the largest ship afloat.
Here's what is consumed every 7 days:

234,000 appetizers; 105,000 meals and 300,680 desserts
20,000 lbs. of beef, including 69,000 steaks
12,000 lbs. of chicken
4,000 lbs. of seafood; 2,500 lbs. of salmon and 1,400 lbs. of lobster
65,000 lbs. of fresh vegetables and 35,000 lbs. of fresh fruits
5,800 lbs. of cheese
28,000 fresh eggs
18,000 slices of pizza
8,000 gallons of ice cream
1,500 lbs. of coffee and 1,500 gallons of milk
11,500 cans of soda; 19,200 bottles and cans of beer and 2,900 bottles of wine

This is obviously a few years old, because Freedom of the Seas is not the biggest ship any longer, but it's still pretty amazing.

I'm hungry.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How old are you my dear little friend?

He's ONE!
*Reasons why I love you to bits....1 for every month you've been with us*
1.) You bring a smile to every face when you come into the room.
2.) You get into everything because you want to know what everything feels like and tastes like.
3.) You love Dr. pepper.
4.) Your laugh is adorable.
5.) You already smell like a boy.
6.) You get excited when you see someone you know.
7.) You say "what's that" and it's the cutest little "what's that" I've ever heard.
8.) You love weird foods like avocados and kiwi.
9.) People always comment on how cute you are when we go to stores...I love that they think you're mine =)
10.) You bring a happy spirit with you when you come to my house.
11.) You're cheeks are irresistible!
12.) You're simply the cutest little boy I've ever seen!

The pictures go from newest to oldest....because I forgot that blogger works like that.

We have so enjoyed every minute of the last 365 days!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We went to baby animal days in Logan a few weeks ago. Ady got to come and she loved it! She decided that she wanted to dress herself that morning....hence the outfit =). It was so fun to be able to hold baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits. They even go to ride pony's. Ady was a pro. She didn't even need help. It was a fun day and the weather was perfect!

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Once a weeker #3

It's been a week...and oh what a fun one it has been. Ok, not really.
We celebrated our anniversary on Monday. As planned, we didn't do much. Dan had been working for 3 days straight so we had errands to run and a lot of catching up to do. Dan brought me cinnamon rolls (my fave) and I brought him nothing but unconditional love. We ate at Ruby River and gained 46 pounds just looking at the deep fried baked potato. Somehow the waiter managed to make our visit pretty awkward by saying weird things and not completing his thoughts. To add to the awkwardness when we left he said "Have a good anniversary" and I said "you too!" It could have been his anniversary, you don't know.

Dan got to be involved in the Weber County Disaster drill again this year. I believe the scenario was something about a bus crashing into a lot of cars. Here's a picture from the scene. Dan is not in this picture, BUT he did put the red tie around the passengers arm...such good tying skills honey! Boy scouts paid off. I kid I kid. He did more than that. He rode with the patients in a bus and treated them on the way to the hospital.
We are replacing our doors inside our house because one of them has a fist hole in it. Not from us, we're not THAT psycho. It came with the added bonus if you will. It doesn't go all the way through either, just the front part of the door. Well Dan thought it would be funnyfunny to lock me out of the bedroom. As I stood there and looked at the fist hole, this grand scenario ran through my mind....I would punch the fist hole as hard as I could and then my arm would be sticking out the other side right where Dan was standing. Funny, right? Wrongo. I punched it. It did nothing. Didn't even budge. I screamed "ahhh" and Dan opened the door laughing. No sympathy...just a "that was stupid" laugh. Only one knuckle got cut...and at this point it's looking a little red and infected.

The EAGER study is going well....I guess. Don't you hate it when someone tells you they need a urine sample and you can't go...but right when you walk out the door you have to go? Stage fright.

My mom called me on Saturday and told me I needed to "come over and tell her if she is too scary to leave the house." What?! I got to her house and found this....

Needless to say, I told her to stay in doors until the demons that possessed her body left.

Little Man started taking steps! He's so cute and careful. Somehow I have no pictures of him walking.
He had his first dentist appointment today and Joni said he did really well. He went right to the dentist when they sat down. He's oblivious to stranger danger.

Dan is the worst Ebay buyer known to man. Well, actually, he is every sellers dream come true. Last week he told me he bought a guitar....well, TWO identical guitars landed on my door step. If you recall the Xbox bought on Ebay and add it to the guitar bought on Ebay, it equals two items "accidentally" bought on Ebay by Mr. Fisher. Oh wait, my memory was just jogged...add PSP #2 to the equation and you have 3 unintentional purchases. I still stand by the fact that I am not a complete retard, therefore I know that the Xbox was not an oops....not even a little one. The other two items were just a result of wanting them so badly at that moment, that he bid on more than one....and won both. Bless his 12 year old little heart. Bless me for laughing instead of killing. So is anyone in the market for a PSP or a guitar? We have a couple extras lying around.

I believe that is for the week. Back to hemodynamics land I go.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Once a weeker #2

Has it been a week already?! Yikes.
Guess what this week has been filled with? Yep, work and homework....and lots of it. I'm tired of this week and wish it was over. Who's with me?

I have to teach Sunday School this week. Aye aye aye. Oh how I love spending my weekend reading the Old Testament, gearing up for weird questions from 80 year olds. It's the best!

The suns won..."They didn't just win, they SWEPT the Spurs." Dan's exact words with a smile bigger than Zayden's on his face. His life is complete!

Dan is on a 72 hour work binge. Doesn't that sound lovely? I can barely handle 4 hours of work. Today when he called I heard him say to the guy driving the ambulance "Uh, you hit the tree a little." lol. Awesome.
Me having a baby seems to be the topic of conversation lately no matter who I talk to. Weird, I know. But since everyone is already asking about it I may as well talk about it on the ol blog. I have joined The Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction study at the hospital that I work at. It should be interesting. Dan's already loving the thought of my urine next to his corn dogs in the freezer. Oh yes, I'm serious. The things we do for a baby. What next?
I wish we could get a good night sleep...but no can do. We live close to the Smith's grocery store and they are remodeling their pharmacy that is inside the store. They have taken it upon themselves to make sure no one within a 5 mile radius sleeps, by only working at night. It has woken me out of a dead sleep many times over the last couple of months. Do we really need a drive thru pharmacy? How fat have we become?
I can't believe that I didn't mention this in last weeks "Once a Weeker" (that's the official name. I just decided.) The grocery store Winco has made it's grand appearance less than two miles from my house! It's wonderful news. I grew up on Winco, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the price of their paper plates from the time of infancy. Plus 5 L.B's of strawberries were only $2.98. Amazingness around every corner. Oh, and I forgot to mention their bulk might I add. Heaven sent. Their bulk food is amazing. I've never bought anything but peachies from their bulk section, but every time I go to winco I have to go down the bulk bin aisles because it's incredible. What other store can you go to and get dog food out of a bulk bin? How about bulk Cheetos? Nowhere. Not even Costco is this cool.

How could I forget to mention my friend Edubs on here? Ugh. Worst friend=me. We've been friends since 7th grade. To my delight she moved to Lehi about two years ago to go to school. To my dismay she graduated and moved back home to Idaho a few weeks ago. Boooooo. The loft parties were great while they lasted. Now she's all professional and grown up. Ok, scratch that last sentence. But she IS a Dental Hygienist! I love successful people. They give hope and encouragement to the people around them. I got to go to her graduation and it was so fun to feel their excitement. I'm lame and didn't take any pictures...#1 because our camera is full of ocean water...and #2 I was sick that night and lucky to make it there.

Josh's dog Laycie ran away. Sad day for him. He's had her for a long time and they were buds. =(

I passed my final yesterday and that means I only have one class left. I still have to take the CRTsae this month though...we'll see how that goes. I'm a little nervous that all this crap in my head is not linking together. We will find out soon enough.

The Anniversary is Monday. Seven years of wedded that what they say? I'd like to say we're doing something cool like hanging out with a group of midgets on motorcycles, but we're not. I have come to realize that after 7 years your anniversaries are spent sitting around in your pj's with no makeup and greasy hair, while eating a Popsicle. Fabulous.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Once a weeker

Grand idea: Blog once a week about your week...even it is lame and boring 97% of the time.

I'm up to the grand challenge. It may only last a week (if you're lucky).

The last couple of weeks...I have to catch up:

I just realized yesterday that our anniversary is this month. That tells you how crazy my mind has been. My brain feels like a stressed out maniac...and it is. Life has been a blurr since we got home from paradise. Homework, work, homework, work, homework, work, family, friends, homework, babysitting, work, homework. That right there is the sickening reality of my life. sigh. One day I'm going to win the lottery...and if it is any less than $266 million I refuse to take it. Why? Because Dan and I sat down last night and planned out how we were going to spend all 266 millie-ano. We agreed on some a million dollar house in Utah, Arizona, Florida, California, Mexico, and Roatan...and we argued about most of it. I mean, do we really need 60 PS3's? We agreed that after you hear the amount 266 million everything you own instantly turns into the crappiest crap ever. Your 52 inch flat screen TV you saved up for? Sucks. A TV bigger than Texas is so much better. Your RC Willey furniture? Junk. Your table you HAD to get? Throw it in the trash can on your way out to buy the Phoenix Suns. Pretty much everything you valued and worked your ace off for is worth nothing in your mind...because you have 266 million freaking dollars. Enough about this...this is supposed to be about my week, not about my oh-so-real hopes for the future.

K, so, school sucks. I'm just throwin' that out there. If there is one thing I could kill and get away with, it would be school...oh, and the moron that took 1.5 hours to change my oil in my car today-but that's besides the point. Here's the thing about go to all of this learn (I mean teach yourself) about fetal asphyxia, P big A O2, P little A O2, and right to left shunt. You also learn "who or what is torr" (probably one of the funnier days at SHITR)....and in the end all you have is a bunch of information rolling around in your brain, and all you want to do is kill yourself. You don't want to be a Respiratory Therapist, you want to be dead. That's all. Life isn't that easy though. You can't just voluntarily take the death pentalty when it gets hard. So Respiratory Therapist it is. One more month and I can sing up for my boards. Lets hope this whole living hell pays off, because sadly enough, that is what it has been. A nightmare that I never wish to relive. Bitter? A little.

On the brighter side of life...Zayden is getting so big. His personality is so fun (unless he is teething. yikes). His smile makes me smile. He's even starting to give hugs. Oh, and next time you see him, how about you ask him how old he is. He puts up his little index finger so cute-like, it's sure to make you saw "aww". He loves to dance, and Mexican music is his favorite. lol. Oh man he goes to dancing town in the Mexican market. No bueno! He's adorable. Sometimes you can't help but look at him and say "Oh my gosh, he is the cutest thing I have ever seen." A lady in Best Buy couldn't get over the handsome little man the other day. My sister said she just kept saying "Oh my goodneeeeessssss, he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seeeeeeen." I pray to the beauty Gods that my kids will be as cute as him.

Speaking of kids. We still have yet to accumulate one. My doctor diagnosed me with infertility without doing any tests or anything. Um, on to the next doctor I guess? Oh how we want a little baby to hold...Dan especially. One day friends, one day.

Ady came to visit us a couple of weekends ago. Can we say SASSY? Lets all say it in unison. SAAAASSSYYYY. Holy hannah. She's still adorable though and I love her to bits. Her laugh is contagious and her little voice is so innocent and sweet. She's to the stage that poop, underwear, and butts are the funniest words she has ever heard in her entire life. She talks like a 12 year old. Her vocabulary is amazing and I'm impressed at how smart she is. She LOVES animals. We took her to the baby animal days in Logan and she was in HEAVEN. She got to hold chicks, and ducks, and rabbits. Her face lit up every time she got up from holding the animal. So cute. Josh said she is in swimming lessons now and she came up to him and said "DAD, I have been practicing floating in the bath tub!!" lol. We wish we got to see her little face more, because it makes our day when we do get to see her!

Dan is going to the Jazz vs Lakers basketball game tomorrow night. Check this out, I don't have to go. Amazing, huh? He conned 7 other people into it, so I'm off the hook. What a wonderful life.

Our debit/credit card number got stolen this week. Not awesome. They bought some movies. Probably porn. Our cards and pin number have been cancelled, so it's been awesome living without money for a couple of days. People are mean, aren't they? Shame on them.

I haven't cleaned my house one time this week. Isn't that cool? My husband loves it..I just know it. I actually feel so guilty about this that I had to write him a note that said "One day I will be a good wife, just not today." How sad for him. How happy for me that I didn't have to clean.

As of this week the condo is still up for sale. If only these people knew about the loft parties they are missing out on. Come on.

Found out yesterday that Dan bought another xbox since he got banned from LIVE for doing illegal things with his xbox. Surprisingly enough I really didn't give a crap. I've got more important things to worry about, like not cleaning the house.

So there's my last couple of weeks. Stay week is sure to be just as exciting!

One last thing....I wished all week that I was standing here....