Sunday, May 23, 2010

Once a weeker #3

It's been a week...and oh what a fun one it has been. Ok, not really.
We celebrated our anniversary on Monday. As planned, we didn't do much. Dan had been working for 3 days straight so we had errands to run and a lot of catching up to do. Dan brought me cinnamon rolls (my fave) and I brought him nothing but unconditional love. We ate at Ruby River and gained 46 pounds just looking at the deep fried baked potato. Somehow the waiter managed to make our visit pretty awkward by saying weird things and not completing his thoughts. To add to the awkwardness when we left he said "Have a good anniversary" and I said "you too!" It could have been his anniversary, you don't know.

Dan got to be involved in the Weber County Disaster drill again this year. I believe the scenario was something about a bus crashing into a lot of cars. Here's a picture from the scene. Dan is not in this picture, BUT he did put the red tie around the passengers arm...such good tying skills honey! Boy scouts paid off. I kid I kid. He did more than that. He rode with the patients in a bus and treated them on the way to the hospital.
We are replacing our doors inside our house because one of them has a fist hole in it. Not from us, we're not THAT psycho. It came with the added bonus if you will. It doesn't go all the way through either, just the front part of the door. Well Dan thought it would be funnyfunny to lock me out of the bedroom. As I stood there and looked at the fist hole, this grand scenario ran through my mind....I would punch the fist hole as hard as I could and then my arm would be sticking out the other side right where Dan was standing. Funny, right? Wrongo. I punched it. It did nothing. Didn't even budge. I screamed "ahhh" and Dan opened the door laughing. No sympathy...just a "that was stupid" laugh. Only one knuckle got cut...and at this point it's looking a little red and infected.

The EAGER study is going well....I guess. Don't you hate it when someone tells you they need a urine sample and you can't go...but right when you walk out the door you have to go? Stage fright.

My mom called me on Saturday and told me I needed to "come over and tell her if she is too scary to leave the house." What?! I got to her house and found this....

Needless to say, I told her to stay in doors until the demons that possessed her body left.

Little Man started taking steps! He's so cute and careful. Somehow I have no pictures of him walking.
He had his first dentist appointment today and Joni said he did really well. He went right to the dentist when they sat down. He's oblivious to stranger danger.

Dan is the worst Ebay buyer known to man. Well, actually, he is every sellers dream come true. Last week he told me he bought a guitar....well, TWO identical guitars landed on my door step. If you recall the Xbox bought on Ebay and add it to the guitar bought on Ebay, it equals two items "accidentally" bought on Ebay by Mr. Fisher. Oh wait, my memory was just jogged...add PSP #2 to the equation and you have 3 unintentional purchases. I still stand by the fact that I am not a complete retard, therefore I know that the Xbox was not an oops....not even a little one. The other two items were just a result of wanting them so badly at that moment, that he bid on more than one....and won both. Bless his 12 year old little heart. Bless me for laughing instead of killing. So is anyone in the market for a PSP or a guitar? We have a couple extras lying around.

I believe that is for the week. Back to hemodynamics land I go.

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