Thursday, May 27, 2010

How old are you my dear little friend?

He's ONE!
*Reasons why I love you to bits....1 for every month you've been with us*
1.) You bring a smile to every face when you come into the room.
2.) You get into everything because you want to know what everything feels like and tastes like.
3.) You love Dr. pepper.
4.) Your laugh is adorable.
5.) You already smell like a boy.
6.) You get excited when you see someone you know.
7.) You say "what's that" and it's the cutest little "what's that" I've ever heard.
8.) You love weird foods like avocados and kiwi.
9.) People always comment on how cute you are when we go to stores...I love that they think you're mine =)
10.) You bring a happy spirit with you when you come to my house.
11.) You're cheeks are irresistible!
12.) You're simply the cutest little boy I've ever seen!

The pictures go from newest to oldest....because I forgot that blogger works like that.

We have so enjoyed every minute of the last 365 days!

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