Monday, May 31, 2010

Once a weeker numero 4

I'm three days late on my update....and I've got nothin'.

I do have something that will blow your mind though. Brittany sent this to me when we got home from our cruise. So, just to justify my 4 lbs of weight gain that week, I present to you "Cruise consumption in pounds"

What is it about cruising that attracts so many travelers to the seven seas? Is it the opportunity to see the world? The remarkable cultures waiting to be experienced in exotic ports of call? The promise of a perfect family vacation?Or is it the 1,400 lbs. of lobster?"Cruising has long been associated with delicious, abundant food, so just for fun we asked what it takes to supply a typical week-long cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, the largest ship afloat.
Here's what is consumed every 7 days:

234,000 appetizers; 105,000 meals and 300,680 desserts
20,000 lbs. of beef, including 69,000 steaks
12,000 lbs. of chicken
4,000 lbs. of seafood; 2,500 lbs. of salmon and 1,400 lbs. of lobster
65,000 lbs. of fresh vegetables and 35,000 lbs. of fresh fruits
5,800 lbs. of cheese
28,000 fresh eggs
18,000 slices of pizza
8,000 gallons of ice cream
1,500 lbs. of coffee and 1,500 gallons of milk
11,500 cans of soda; 19,200 bottles and cans of beer and 2,900 bottles of wine

This is obviously a few years old, because Freedom of the Seas is not the biggest ship any longer, but it's still pretty amazing.

I'm hungry.

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