Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picture overload

Here are a lot of pictures of Zayden from the first week of his life. He is one week old today! The most recent pictures are on top

Here's what Zayden has been doing:
-Grandma read him his first book today
-He listened to the Children's church songs with enormous head phones
-He weighs 7 lbs 8 oz
-He likes to eat
-He hates poopy diapers
-He loves to be held
-He loves his mommy's voice
-He doesn't mind his carseat
-Mommy lets him have a binki, and he's happy about that!

Rockin' out to Children's church songs

General trying to lick him

Meeting his doggie

Tired Mommy

Getting fed by a syringe.

"Oh brother"

Little monkey


Napping on the couch

First day home

All wrapped up

In the hospital with his Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Thank you everyone for your emails, visits, and phone calls to congratulate Joni! I will be sure to pass them along to her!
I don't have any new pictures of Zayden to upload. I left my camera at the hospital. He gets cuter by the day and is finally eating! The swelling in his eyes is almost gone, and his blood sugar levels are back to normal. Hopefully they will get to go home tomorrow.
I am off to a long night of clinicals. More pictures later!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The stork stops here!

The screaming little man has arrived...and we love him to death already!
(Blogger will not let me write under the pictures. I will try again later.)

Here's what we know about him so far....
8.3 LBS
19.5 inches tall
Dark hair!
Born at 4:26 pm on May 24th
Likes to cry...I mean, scream
Hates when you take his hat off
Loves his Mama's voice
Won't eat
Despises bath time
Loves to be wrapped tight
Has big feet
Gets cuter by the second
Has the cutest pouty lip I've ever seen
Has the softest skin
And I'm pretty sure I heard him say he can't wait to hang out with his aunt Julie!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big News

Just an update for my family and some of Joni's friends that read this....
Joni went to the doctor today, and here is what we learned from the ultra sound.

1. He is still breech
2. He weighs 8.5 lbs!
3. He has hair!
4. He has chubby cheeks like his mama
And the big news is...

I can't wait to meet him!
I will post pictures of the little man on Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey baby lets go to Vegas!

We had a fun time in Vegas this past week for our anniversary! I'm not sure that I will make a yearly tradition out of this...the nude women everywhere were enough to make a Mormon gal like myself wonder if I needed to see my Bishop Sunday morning to somehow cleanse myself...I'm kidding....we had a great time, and I'm sure we will return some day! We saw so many different things, walked in the hot sun 12 hours per day, road the NYNY roller coaster, went to the top of the stratosphere, and breathed in enough cigarette smoke to cause lung cancer. What more could you ask for in a vacation?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Results not typical

My sister's baby is still breech, so we googled (always an accurate source, right?) how to turn a breech baby. Here are the results....

....needless to say, he's still breech.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let me count the ways....

The 17th is our 6 year anniversary! How exciting is that? It doesn't feel like it has been that long, but I double checked the calender and it has! We are headed to Las Vegas for the weekend, so I thought I would post this before we left.

Reasons I love him.....

1.) He lets me wear his crappy free T-shirts as PJ shirts.
2.) He makes me laugh. I'm laughing right now just thinking about how he makes me laugh.
3.) He knows I'm a freak, and he still loves me anyway!
4.) He takes me to get frosty's at 11pm.
5.) He's kind to everyone.
6.) He makes friends easily.
7.) He tries to make me less anti social....(I actually really have a love/hate relationship with this quality of his)
8.) He doesn't get mad at me when I am still in my pj's when he gets home from work.
9.) He's smart. I can always rely on him for the right answer to any question.
10.) He's dependable.
11.) He's trustworthy. I never have to worry if he's telling the truth.
12.) He laughs at my lame jokes.
13.) He'll hang out with my mom, my sister, and me.....but only for awhile =).
14.) He helps with the laundry and the dishes sometimes.
15.) He never someone I know....
16.) He knows the scriptures very well.
17.) Kids love him.
18.) He laughs at movies and TV shows, and got me to do the same! I seriously NEVER did that until I met him.
19.) He doesn't complain about what I cook...even if it really does taste like crap.
20.) He is good at basketball and tries to get me to play with no avail.
21.) He's good to me and treats me well.
22.) He doesn't mind that I still think I'm in high school and have sleepovers with my BFF, Erin!
23.) He likes my family and knows they are important to me!
24.) He's pretty much the coolest guy I lucky am I to be married to someone so great!?

I know I am missing a million more reasons, but 24 reasons will have to do for today!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Check before you shop

Here's a website that has lots of coupons (that you can print and take to the store) and coupon codes (for online purchases)! Just type in the name of the store and it will pull up all the coupons that are available. I have used one for Target, one for, and 4 for bath and body works. Make sure you check the success rate of the coupon before taking it to a store.

Happy shopping!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Project Baby's Room

A couple of weeks ago we helped my sister move. As an added bonus we got to help her setup Zayden's crib! Isn't it lovely? What makes it even more lovely is we got the WHOLE crib set (wallpaper, lamp, curtains, bedding..everything) from Babies R Us for....drum roll please........$36. That's a saving of over $250! Can you even STAND that price?! Me neither!

This is her "stop taking pictures" face.