Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let me count the ways....

The 17th is our 6 year anniversary! How exciting is that? It doesn't feel like it has been that long, but I double checked the calender and it has! We are headed to Las Vegas for the weekend, so I thought I would post this before we left.

Reasons I love him.....

1.) He lets me wear his crappy free T-shirts as PJ shirts.
2.) He makes me laugh. I'm laughing right now just thinking about how he makes me laugh.
3.) He knows I'm a freak, and he still loves me anyway!
4.) He takes me to get frosty's at 11pm.
5.) He's kind to everyone.
6.) He makes friends easily.
7.) He tries to make me less anti social....(I actually really have a love/hate relationship with this quality of his)
8.) He doesn't get mad at me when I am still in my pj's when he gets home from work.
9.) He's smart. I can always rely on him for the right answer to any question.
10.) He's dependable.
11.) He's trustworthy. I never have to worry if he's telling the truth.
12.) He laughs at my lame jokes.
13.) He'll hang out with my mom, my sister, and me.....but only for awhile =).
14.) He helps with the laundry and the dishes sometimes.
15.) He never overreacts...like someone I know....
16.) He knows the scriptures very well.
17.) Kids love him.
18.) He laughs at movies and TV shows, and got me to do the same! I seriously NEVER did that until I met him.
19.) He doesn't complain about what I cook...even if it really does taste like crap.
20.) He is good at basketball and tries to get me to play with him....to no avail.
21.) He's good to me and treats me well.
22.) He doesn't mind that I still think I'm in high school and have sleepovers with my BFF, Erin!
23.) He likes my family and knows they are important to me!
24.) He's pretty much the coolest guy I know...how lucky am I to be married to someone so great!?

I know I am missing a million more reasons, but 24 reasons will have to do for today!


Liz said...

Wow, you've been married six years? How fast time flies! Congratulations! Enjoy Vegas.

Nate & Millie said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you have fun in Vegas...make sure to post pictures when you get back. Don't you love late night ice cream runs?!?

Angie said...

Six years, seriously? Weren't you just a Mia Maid like a year ago? Congrats on Six year and have fun in Vegas!! I love your list and think Dan sounds like a fantastic guy!

Krista said...

Ahhh, that is so sweet! Your hubby sounds like a great catch! Congrats on six years together!

Does he really laugh at your jokes? Cause I mean, well they're not THAT funny. :D :D

You never laughed in movies or watching TV? I don't get it!

Julie Fisher said...

Camille-Yes I DO love late night ice cream runs, they're fantastic!
I will post pics of Vegas soon...don't you worry!

Angie-I feel like I was just a mia maid yeserday...with the coolest mia maid teacher on earth!

Krista-MUST I post your quote on here about how awesome and funny you think I am, and how you wish you could be as cool as I am? MUST I? C'mon, that just makes you look really pathetic =)
I don't get why I never laughed at TV or movies either. Seriously, I don't know...I have no explanation!