Sunday, July 3, 2011

He Drives!

Today I have been reflecting on the last 6 years of this bittersweet thing we call life. Lots of bitter mixed in with a lot of sweet. In the end, we are blessed. oh so blessed. In 2004 Dan was trying desperately to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. (I was desperately trying to figure out why he hadn't thought of this before the age of 22?!) One night we drove past a fire department and I said "why don't you be a fireman?" I obviously had no idea what we were getting into. Six years later we know what the life of a fireman entails, and I'm so glad we do! Dan has worked so hard. I'm amazed at his persistent determination to get what he deserves. Anyone that knows the process of becoming a full time firefighter knows how depleting it can be. Dan was told "no" far too many times, but he never threw in the towel...even when I did. In 2008 he started as a full time firefighter. Just two days ago he found out he got promoted to Driver. I'm so happy for him! There were 15guys testing for only 2 positions and he landed one of them because he's a rock star! Even though he was happy he got the position and passed all 2 days of testing, he is very sad to leave the current crew he has worked with for the last 5 months. Dan has worked with some awesome guys and he has also worked with some really not awesome guys in his career. These guys were some of the awesome guys. They all just clicked...(and I'm pretty sure they all had man crushes on each other. Shhhhhh.) I'm sure his new crew will be fine. Change is hard, but we're excited for it! Good luck to my little Gomer!

Badge pinning