Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ady's First Date

I was going to blog about my birthday, but since my awesome camera doesn't allow me to upload photos any longer, I will have to blog about my weekend in Twin using Erin's pictures. Thursday Erin and I headed to Twin falls for a weekend of awesomeness. The good times started with Erin's back window. The duct tape (actually, I think it's Gorilla tape...even better) was no longer doing it's job holding the window up. As you can imagine, 80 mph in a car with the window cracked isn't exactly QUIET. We pulled over in Tremonton and fixed it......By fixing it I mean more Gorilla tape and a folded up piece of paper shoved in the crease of the window. Classy. After that, we had no more technical difficulties and we were on our way.

We got to Erin's parents house and ate some yummy chicken/noodles/gravy/mashed potatoes, and played in the "jumpoline" with Tim (her nephew). Friday we woke up and took Tim and Adyson on their first date to Jump On It. It's a place with a bunch of different bounce houses. Way fun! Kudos to the lady that thought of such a great idea. It was only $5 and parents get in free. That's a bargain in my book. So, we ran, we played, we jumped, we slid, we sweat, AND we only had one crying episode from Ady. She hurt her bum one of the slides and she wanted her "moooooooommyyyyyyy." Oh so sad. She was pretty brave and went down the big slide twice. I have to admit, I was even a little scared going down.....but I couldn't let a 2 year old show me I put on my big girl pants and went down with her. Neither one of us knew whether to laugh or cry once we hit the bottom. Luckily we both looked at each other and started laughing . I'm a wuss.

After we had all the bouncing we could stand, we headed to Artic Circle for lunch. Ady had a hot "gog" and Tim ate fry sauce. Seriously, this kid loves fry sauce. The toys were too big for them to play on, so we took them home for naps.

Ady was SO excited when we got to her house because Grama Dene was there! I was glad she was there too so Ady would quit asking me where she was. Literally, every 5-10 minutes Ady would say, "Where's Grama Dene now?" "Is Grama Dene at my house?" "Grama Dene is bringing me a present." She sure loves her Grama Dene! Later that night we went to Grocery Outlet to look around. I put Ady in one of those carts that has the car on the front of it. She was SO embarrassed. She wanted to be in it, but she kind of didn't. She turns her head to the side when she gets embarrassed, it's so adorable. We drove inside to show Grama Dene what she was riding in. All it took was from Grandma to say "Wow, that is so awesome" and the embarrassment was gone! She loved it from then on. We kept telling her to "turn turn turn" when we went around corners, so she thought she was driving and would turn the steering wheel really fast. It reminded me of when I was little at the fair "driving" a car with my sister. We have a picture of it and I remember everything about it. I really thought we were steering and just KNEW we would crash and burn if we didn't turn EVERY corner. It makes me laugh to this day.

That night, Erin and I went out with her friends to Jonny Carinos. The food sucked so we got free desserts that tasted like nothing. Enough said about that.

I spent the night at Erin's house again that night. We got down the enormous box of notes written by me throughout the years, and also Erin's boyfriends since grade school. I should probably ask Erin before I write about this great night on my blog, but I won't because she might say no ;). I'm laughing right now just thinking about this. Lets start with the book from grade school. Ya know the one's where you draw pictures of your family, yourself, and what you want to be when you grow up? Erin's should be framed. Each page gets funnier and funnier. It starts with a picture of her (posted below), and moves on to her family. Her mom's waist is a "V" and one of her Dad's legs is suffering from elephantitis. She is also older than her brother in this picture. The last page is pure greatness. It's the "What do you want to be when you grow up" page. Most kids want to be a doctor, a firefighter, a store lady (yes they do), even a horticulturist. Not E-Dub. Let me describe the picture and you see if you can guess what it is....I couldn't. There is a man standing on the side of the page (I believe he is in a black suit). In front of him is a woman with her arms reaching up catching a baby. Now, what would you say this is depicting? A mother? A babysitter? Possibly an aunt? Nada. This my friends, is a Baby Catcher! She wanted to be the one that "caught" the babies when they were born! This girl dreams big! I won't even go into the notes, letters, and journal entries that we laughed at 'til our faces hurt. I just hope she figures out if she's really growing closer to Brandon Hoobler or not. Love ya gf!

The eyes & arms show such resemblance!

Saturday I went out to eat with My brother, Heidi, Ady, Erin, and my mom. Ady was sporting a side pony that was pure cuteness. Grama Dene put some curlers in her bangs and her pony that morning. My mom said she loved them so much she didn't want to take them out. After she convinced her to take them out of her hair, Adyson touched one of the hot coils that heats up the curlers. She told my mom "I touched it and it burned me like you said it would." lol. Really? I guess Grandma WASN'T lying.

We headed home around 3pm on Saturday, but not before completely destroying our diets by getting a Banana shake from Shake Out. Mmmmmmm.

Side note: For those of you that don't know, Adyson is my niece.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I've been tagged on facebook a few times for 25 random facts about myself. I figured I would do it on my blog where I could save it and read it a few years from now to see how much life has changed. Here are the rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you, then tag someone else. Oooooo, another list!

#1-I have a mini basketball hoop hanging on my front door......some things just aren't worth arguing about.
#2-I usually have chap stick on 24/7. I will only use Natural Ice or Mentholatum. I'm obviously addicted to menthol!
#3-I'm very focused when I clean. Dan hates it.
#4-I watch reality TV... and enjoy it.
#5-My least favorite Holiday is Halloween....Valentines Day is a close second.
#6-I love the smell and feel of a clean house.
#7-When I was younger I always wanted to be a "store lady" when I grew up. I loved the sound the cash register buttons made. Pretty ambitious dreams at age 6 if you ask me.
#8-When I was 7 I stepped on a tree branch that had fallen on the ground, and the fat end went through my inner thigh. This was no abrasion friends! I still have a huge scar from it.
#9-I love cereal. I usually eat it for every meal when Dan is working. Although, I won't pay more than $2 a box.
#10-I think go cart racing is embarrassing/awkward. I don't know why, I just do. I'm getting uncomfortable just typing about it.
#11-A Seagull pooped on my head once at Seven Peaks.
#12-Both my sister and I are terrified of birds....probably because they crap on innocent peoples heads.
#13-I don't have one romantic bone in my body. I think it's cheesy. (Lucky for Dan!)
#14-I've had the same BFF since 7th grade.
#15-One of my favorite movies is Along Came Polly. It seriously gets funnier every time I watch it. I watch it about once a month.
#16-My left eye has been itching relentlessly for 2 days now.
#17-I could never be a nurse. I instantly gag when I smell or see poop at the hospital. Snot I can handle, poop I cannot.
#18-I have a nose that can smell ANYTHING from a mile away. It's better than a dogs nose. It drives Dan crazy!
#19-I get stomach aches very easily. Especially from smells (that I smell with my dog-like nose.)
#20-I'm consistently amazed at how rude people are.
#21-I love Costco. Something about bringing home enormous packs of toilet paper and sugar snap peas is thrilling!
#22-If you ever want to taste the best caramel apple in Utah go here: Sugar and Spice is the best!
#23-I'm amazed at how horribly most people manage their money. I could never live paycheck to paycheck. I would be a basket case.
#24-Ever since I downloaded firefox, I cannot upload photos....and I'm very annoyed by this.
#25-I love banana shakes from the Shake Out in Twin Falls. They're incredible!

I tag whoever is cool enough to do it =)

Dan and I camping. Where's the fire?

Monday, February 2, 2009

You've got questions, I've got answers

I've had some questions from blog readers via email. I will address these questions here on the blog (anonymously of course... I wouldn't want to embarrass any of you by putting a name next to your stupid questions....haha I kid I kid).

1.) What is The Daily Scoop? It's just a blog written by a lady who is a lot smarter and more insightful than I am. I hesitate to give you her blog address for fear that you might read her blog over mine. Oh, who am I kidding? Click on Camille's picture on the left hand side to get the full story.

2.) How do I leave a comment? I love lists. They should have been on my favorite things list. So, here we go with a step by step list on leaving a comment. If you still can't figure it out after reading the step by step, consider yourself special (Ed), and continue to email me your comments. I'll take them either way =).

  • Scroll down to the end of the post you want to leave a comment on. Click on the words "3 comments." If you're the first person to leave a comment it will say "0 comments", if you're the 6th person to leave a comment it will say "5 comments." Basically any number with the word "comment" after it is where you should be clicking.
  • This should bring you to the comment page. Comments that have already been made are on the left side of the screen (feel free to read them, but I take no accountability for what is said there. I can't control EVERYONE....just some people). On the right side there is a big white empty box. This is where you type your comment.
  • When you're done ranting and raving, click on one of the options below the box. If you have a blog click on google/blogger. If you just want to put your name, click on Name/ don't have to put a URL, just your name will work. If you'd rather not identify yourself then click on anonymous.
  • Once you've chosen your option, click "publish your comment". That is it. You have officially posted a comment. I'm so proud of you!

3.) What is Edamame? A few people have asked me about this. It's a pod of deliciousness. They're fresh soy beans. Don't stop reading just because I said soy. They're really good! I was skeptical about these before I tried them, but now I'm in love. I even got Erin hooked on them. They look like peas in the pod. I prepare them by putting coarse sea salt in about a cup of water and heating it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then I put the edamame in the microwave for 2.5 minutes, then pour the salt water over them. Stick the pod in your mouth, lick some of the salt off, push the beans out with your teeth and fingers, and are now experiencing the taste of edamame. Doesn't it sound great? You can also eat them without the salt. I obviously enjoy making healthy things as unhealthy as possible =)

That's all the answers I have. Anymore questions?

As always, a picture....just to show you how un-cool we really are.

Hard at work? (Dan is on the right)