Monday, February 9, 2009


I've been tagged on facebook a few times for 25 random facts about myself. I figured I would do it on my blog where I could save it and read it a few years from now to see how much life has changed. Here are the rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you, then tag someone else. Oooooo, another list!

#1-I have a mini basketball hoop hanging on my front door......some things just aren't worth arguing about.
#2-I usually have chap stick on 24/7. I will only use Natural Ice or Mentholatum. I'm obviously addicted to menthol!
#3-I'm very focused when I clean. Dan hates it.
#4-I watch reality TV... and enjoy it.
#5-My least favorite Holiday is Halloween....Valentines Day is a close second.
#6-I love the smell and feel of a clean house.
#7-When I was younger I always wanted to be a "store lady" when I grew up. I loved the sound the cash register buttons made. Pretty ambitious dreams at age 6 if you ask me.
#8-When I was 7 I stepped on a tree branch that had fallen on the ground, and the fat end went through my inner thigh. This was no abrasion friends! I still have a huge scar from it.
#9-I love cereal. I usually eat it for every meal when Dan is working. Although, I won't pay more than $2 a box.
#10-I think go cart racing is embarrassing/awkward. I don't know why, I just do. I'm getting uncomfortable just typing about it.
#11-A Seagull pooped on my head once at Seven Peaks.
#12-Both my sister and I are terrified of birds....probably because they crap on innocent peoples heads.
#13-I don't have one romantic bone in my body. I think it's cheesy. (Lucky for Dan!)
#14-I've had the same BFF since 7th grade.
#15-One of my favorite movies is Along Came Polly. It seriously gets funnier every time I watch it. I watch it about once a month.
#16-My left eye has been itching relentlessly for 2 days now.
#17-I could never be a nurse. I instantly gag when I smell or see poop at the hospital. Snot I can handle, poop I cannot.
#18-I have a nose that can smell ANYTHING from a mile away. It's better than a dogs nose. It drives Dan crazy!
#19-I get stomach aches very easily. Especially from smells (that I smell with my dog-like nose.)
#20-I'm consistently amazed at how rude people are.
#21-I love Costco. Something about bringing home enormous packs of toilet paper and sugar snap peas is thrilling!
#22-If you ever want to taste the best caramel apple in Utah go here: Sugar and Spice is the best!
#23-I'm amazed at how horribly most people manage their money. I could never live paycheck to paycheck. I would be a basket case.
#24-Ever since I downloaded firefox, I cannot upload photos....and I'm very annoyed by this.
#25-I love banana shakes from the Shake Out in Twin Falls. They're incredible!

I tag whoever is cool enough to do it =)

Dan and I camping. Where's the fire?


Liz said...

Julie, I've had this random story about you in the back of my head for least, I think it's about you. I remember you (I think) getting a chair pulled out from under you in Mrs. Cowan's music class at Morningside (she is STILL one of my least favorite teachers ever) and breaking your tailbone. I remember it happening, even. Wasn't that you? Or am I on crack?

Julie Fisher said...

You're on crack. lol jk. I don't think that was me. I don't remember that at all! The only time I remember breaking my tailbone was falling off the tall monkey bar on the playground....I'm pretty acrobatic.

Nate & Millie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you're doing something fun to celebrate your birthday. You are seriously my favorite funny person! I LOVE reading your blog. I miss you. Lets plan a double date the next time Dan's off. Let me know what works for you. P.S. I have a story to tell you that involves a seagull, a brand new white sweater, and Nate laughing. Only you can really appreciate this story!

Scrap It Up (a.k.a. Kendahl) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Remember to leave an extra comment for following. :)

Alyson said...

Julie #11 totally happened to Abbey at this amusement park ( I can't remember the name but it's in Couer d Alene) A Seagull pooped on her head! It was hillarious. We took a picture she was gagging and stuff and my niece and nephew probably thought it was the funniest thing about the whole trip =] Great list =]