Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Only 4 days until we see Caribbean sunshine! (It's snowing outside as I write this)

Here's the sunshine I won't get to babysit on Tuesday and Thursday of next week...

Our new found love at the grocery store.....I don't even WANT to know how many germs are on that thing!

As his mom would sing.. "I'm a cool dude, I'm a cool dude!"

He gets all sorts of crazy in the sink. The cupboards and counter were SOAKED. He loved it.

How sweet is this face?

The kid hates getting dressed. Oh, and diaper changes have become melt downs.

Taking a ride in his KSL bargain wagon!

I love grandma.... because she gives me graham crackers before bed =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You're the one that I want.....You are the one I want, oo oo oo honey!

I love being married.
It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
-Rita Rudner (Julie Fisher)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Miss Ady

This cute face came to see us last month. She's so grown up! She talks like a 7 year old (with an attitude...I seriously love it.) On the last morning she was at our house she had been running around saying NO to everything that anyone would say to her. Finally grandma had to get after her and tell her to stop being mean and saying no. Obviously Ady was beyond offended by that because while grandma was doing her hair (which she said NO to 30 times) she picked up her play cell phone and said, "Yeah. Ok. Well, just come pick me up because grandma is being mean and getting all crazy." Exact words. Getting all crazy?! lol.
One night Zayden fell off the bed (seriously the saddest thing ever, we all cried) and the next day Ady would NOT quit talking about it. She kept asking Joni questions about it...
Adyson-"When was the last time Zayden fell off the bed?"
Joni-"Last night."
Adyson-"Is he going to fall off the bed again?"
Joni-"No, we hope not."
Adyson-"Me too, that was the saddest thing in the world."

Is it possible to get two kids to look at the camera at once?

Grandma made her a cookie at the store that said "I love Ady"

Josh's birthday is on the 12th and mine is on the 11th so Ady helped grandma make a cake.

So proud of her sprinkles

Lighting the candles

Grandma bought her a new Easter dress, but there was no way she was waiting until Easter to wear it. This dress became the official outfit of the weekend. She even slept in it.

It obviously made her feel like twirling!

We were trying to make her hold still for 5 seconds to take a picture...she despises pictures.
Her hair is getting so long and pretty.

See the tutu? There's a story that goes along with it. We had been telling Ady all weekend that we were going to make her a tutu. We started making it pretty late one night, so Ady went to bed and we promised her we would have it ready by morning. Of course the FIRST thing she said when her eyes opened was "Is my tutu ready?" Of course it mom and I stayed up until 2am getting it done. When she walked out into the living room she looked at it and said, "That looks itchy, I'm not wearing it." And that was the end of the tutu. She refused to even look at it again. She needs to be spanked for that one.
Zayden thought it was pretty cool though, so at least someone appreciated it =)

Come see us again little missy, we miss you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Counting Down

Carnival Glory

We are SO excited to go on a cruise! I believe our little counter to the left says 23 more days. My heart skips a beat and I almost pee myself in excitement just thinking about it! Here's where we're going (in no particular order, because I can't ever remember)

Grand Cayman
Isla Roatan

We are going to Stingray City in Cayman and we'll be arriving on wave runners. How fun will that be?!

We will be in Belize on Dan's birthday...and his gift from me is cave tubing even though I get claustrophobia just thinking about it!

I'm also feeling slightly awkward about linking feet with the person in front of me. Hopefully I remember to shave my legs beforehand for the sake of fellow riders. I also hope the person in back of me doesn't have toenails that are 3 feet long with fungus (I'm thinking of Dumb and Dumber right now, is anyone else?)

A couple of Dan's friends have been to Roatan and they said it was by far their favorite beach and it has awesome snorkeling.We'll be hanging out here, at Half Moon Bay......eatin' banana pancakes and wearing coconut shells as bras...Ok, maybe not, but we'll be at Half Moon Bay snorkeling our lives away!

We actually have no plans for Cozumel. It will be a surprise for all of us!

They even have baby bassinets for adults on board...Did I mention this cruise was all inclusive?

This Easter will be spent in the sunshine with lots of food......there will be none of this and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Monday, March 8, 2010

8 month old on the loose

Last month was exciting for us because....

This little face (with sweet potatoes all over it because he freaked out when I tried to wipe it)....

...started doing this!....

...and pulling himself up on everything!

It has been so fun to watch him grow up! He is a little busy body now...

This is his "I want whatever you have in your hand" face.(Can I borrow some of his eyelashes, please?!)