Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A mish-mash of updates

  • We bought a new laptop. Loooooove iiiit!

  • Dan tried out the webcam on the laptop.
  • The results are on the post below.
  • I banned Dan from the webcam.

  • We watched Twilight for the first time last night.
  • We banned Twilight from ever entering our home again.

  • Dan did the first part of his driver/engineer test
  • Didn't do so well.
  • I still like him anyway.

  • I started Weight Watchers....yet again.
  • I will succeed this time!

  • I started putting my enormous box of pictures into photo albums.
  • I love the memories they bring back.
  • If only I could stop looking at the pictures long enough to put them in the albums.

  • We got to see Adyson again last month.
  • She makes me laugh.
  • She calls me Ju.
  • I'm going to make her start calling me Ju-Dawg...just for fun.
  • I got up off the couch and my shirt had hiked up my back a little, Ady started laughing her head off and said, "Ju I saw your butt, your butt was hangin out!"
  • I'm sure I scarred her 2 year old mind for life.
  • Sorry Ady.

  • I felt baby Zayden move inside Joni's belly.
  • It was weird.
  • I'm still trying to decide if it freaked me out enough to never have a baby.
  • I'll keep you posted.

  • I got to see some friends from Twin Falls at Julie's wedding reception.
  • I miss them.

  • We're going to grandma's for Easter.
  • Always a good time.

  • We are very excited that Rob Dyrdek has a new show.
  • Watch it if you want to laugh.

  • There was a badger on our lawn last night.
  • I thought it was an enormous cat until it started eating with its hands.
  • I was worried that it would attack me this morning.
  • It didn't.

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