Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've got nothin'

Update anyone? Oh I'd love to give you one....but I've got nothing to say. Usually when something awesomely awesome happens in my life I come to my blog and jot a few notes down about it to remind myself to write about it, but I have not been doing this lately so I don't remember anything. Also, I feel like I have missed writing about so many events that I hate to just move on like nothing ever happened....but I must!
I'll start keeping better notes starting today.

You know what else I started today? Jillians Michaels 30 day shred.....and I used Zayden's spaghetti o's as weights. I hated every second of it. I wish I was one of those people that hated food and loved working out. Life would be awesome. Speaking of food, I cannot wait to end this blog so I can go whip up some lemon poppy seed muffins. Who'd like to join me?

A few weeks ago we went to Twin to see Adyson. Love her to bits!
Her latest funnies:

Ady: "Grandma is your house trashed?"
My mom and I start laughing
Grandma: "What???"
Ady: "Is your house trashed?"
Grandma: "No, why do you ask that?"
Ady: "Oh I don't know, I just thought maybe Zayden had been there."
My mom and I died. What 4 year old uses the word "trashed"? Seriously hilarious.

Her big thing that she loves loves loves to play is school. She's always the teacher. My mom has bought her a whole school set up....pointer and all. She thinks it's so awesome to boss us around and we think it's not awesome but we play along anyway.

Ady: "Draw the number five. Don't make me call the cops on you!"

Apparently she had just learned about the police and 911 in school. So all weekend we heard her threats of calling the cops and the ambulance if we didn't obey her. At one point I got kind of worried that she didn't truly understand that you can't just call the cops for stupid stuff, so I double checked with her about when we should actually call them. I do not want her to end up on "the stupidest 911 calls" on youtube one day. She seemed to understand pretty well.

She's still in love with dogs and cats and she cannot understand why I hate cats. Don't worry, I refrain from telling her how stinky and selfish they are. She tries to keep her cat away from me and apologizes for it when it comes near me. One time the dogs started barking outside and she looked at me and said, "Ugh! Be quiet dumb dogs! I am sorry they are acting like this, Ju." lol she cracks me up.

Dan just recently changed stations at work and he l.o.v.e.s it. Sometimes he forgets to call home during the day because he l.o.v.e.s it so much. Turd. He likes the guys he works with and they all seem to get along pretty well. Dan gets along with almost anybody, but he met his match at the last station he worked at. It was a rough year, but we've moved on & we're oh so glad.
I always find it funny how excited people get when they find out Dan is a firefighter. We actually had one guy ask Dan if he could come to the station and try on his turn outs just to see what it feels like. Not even kidding. I always warn Dan about getting a big head over peoples comments. Lets face it, there are some firefighters out there that are just a little too excited to be labeled "heroes". Call me a bad wife, but I refuse to have my husband be one of those. Men are usually the ones that start oogling over the fact that he can call himself DanDan the fireman (okay, maybe only I call him that). The other day he went to the chiropractor and the dude instantly fell in love with him once he found out his profession....and upon leaving the office the Chiro said "Cool, now I can say that I actually KNOW a firefighter." Really? Does it automatically make you cool amongst your peers to KNOW a firefighter? If so, I am one lucky SOB because I married one. Yessssss. People can hate me all they want, but once I drop the "my eternal companion is a fireman" bomb, I'm automatically in like flynn. How lucky is my life?!

Speaking of the fireman, he turns 30 next month! Who's exciteeeed?! Not him! He thinks it's lame that he's 30 with no child. I think it's pretty lame as well. If I could buy him a baby for his birthday, I would. In fact, I'd buy him 30 babies just so we could get our own TV show on TLC. What isn't lame is that he's 30 and he's still pretty awesome. Although, in 30 years he's acquired some pretty troublesome habits...let me name 30 of them for you. Hahaha I kid I kid...but seriously, for your next 30 years lets work on the sniffing and twitching in bed while I'm trying to snooze, can we? kthanksbye.

I will close with these tidbit gems:

-Don't you love when you're in sacrament meeting and the speaker that has gone on and on for the past 35 minutes says "I will close with....". Oh man my heart skips a beat because I know they're about to shut their pie hole. Haha...don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

-My arm has been twitching all night. I literally started punching myself to try and stop it. Still twitching....

-I just looked through pictures of when Adyson & Zayden were babes....hellz bellz they are stinkin adorable. The pictures of them in their car seats and bassinets make me want to have a baby like you wouldn't believe. I cannot wait to take pictures of my babies all snuggled up in a bassinet with their bums up in the air. (Yes, I know babies aren't supposed to sleep on their bellies...I've read 6 parenting books. Crazy much?)

-I didn't shower today.

-We're going to San Diego next month!

-I miss my husband today.

-I'm in the 'clean it out and throw it away' mood.

-My mom reminded me today of when we saw Chris Cagle in concert and he started fake crying. I'm laughing as I type this. Seriously awkward.

-Speaking of awkward how 'bout the After the Final Rose show? Uhhhhhh....2 months, tops.

-This is what is on my night stand right now.....a 3oz jar of Mentholatum (I'm addicted, so what?). Deodorant. Water. IB Profen. A giraffe that holds my wedding ring. A box from Honduras. Earrings. A lamp. And the best thing off all, Flarp. Google it. Should I try to squeeze any other non essential item on my night stand?

-I just got the funniest text from my bff. Tears.

-I told you I had absolutely nothing to talk about.

-No pictures because I'm Laz-zay.


Michael and Julie said...

Ok I am seriously "LOL"ing right now. And I'm at work....yes, blog reading at work... busted! So I sustain the sacrament meeting comment with both hands. I hate it when they give false alarms though. This lady on Sunday said all threee of the following: "I will close with this quote." "I will close with this Scripture. " AND "I will close with my testimony." Ummmmm.... unacceptable!

Camille said...

That Jillian Michaels sure knows how to make you sweat! I always hate her while I'm doing it, but love her after because I'm completely worn out. We just went to San Diego in January! We had so much fun, I'm sure you guys will, too. I'm glad you taught Ady not to be on the stupid 911 calls, but it is hilarious that she threatens you with calling the cops!!

Justin and Shaylee said...

Pretty much laugh non-stop every time I read your blog. I shared with Justin also and he also gets a kick out of your witty-ness. Did Jillian Michael's for a week and a half with no shoes....bad idea. I hate shoes and love being barefoot so I was jumping my jumping jacks with bare feet and pretty much screwed my feet up. Couldn't walk for like 5 days. So I hope you wore shoes.