Thursday, October 1, 2009

September in October

I started this post the end of September...and here it is October...Hm, where does time go?

Here's a brief summary of events for Septiembre 2009....(oh yes, my Spanish kicks in every now and again)

We put our house up for sale! It took Dan 2 months to convince me to do it, but I gave in....stubborn? Slightly......

My mom got a new car. So sporty and cute.

Dan went to a day long fire school and loved it. They had 4 houses for the firefighters to do damage to and he took full advantage.

Dan taught me about "man planning"... it's not like "women planning". Apparently they don't plan out every detail...who knew?

I found this website and almost peed my pants laughing!

Zayden's Torticollis seems to be better...although he does have lazy days sometimes.

Dan changed his first diaper....oh wow....lets just say packing tape was involved.

A pretty boring month if I don't say so myself! October will be better.....only because I have pictures of Zayden and Adyson to add!


Katie said...

You are selling your house? What are you doing that for? Are you going to move back in with you mom or what? What is Zayden's deal? Grandma was saying that he was sick but she didn't know anymore than that when I talked to her last...

Julie Fisher said...

Yeah, we are selling our house. Moving into something bigger while the intrest rates are low.
Zayden has had a few weird head jerks while sleeping. I think he has had 4 that we have seen. His lips quiver and his head jerks. It only lasts 2-3 seconds at the most. Joni took him to the doctor and he said they are Myoclonic jerks and he should grow out of them. The doctor is not concerned because they only last a couple of seconds and he is completely fine after it happens. I don't know what to think about it....we are just watching them to see if they get any worse or more frequent. Babies are so scary sometimes because they can't tell you what is wrong!