Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Is it really Christmas time again? I swear I just took the star off the tree and packed it up in the shed last week! I love Christmas, I do, but it seems like it was just here.

I love the spirit of Christmas, or the spirit of Christ rather, and how it fills the air this time of year. I feel happier and a little more charitable in December, don't you?Ah, I hope so.

The last couple of years have been bores-ville Christmases, so I am determined to make this year a good one! Here's how.....

-See a Christmas play. Check! My friend and I went to Five Carols for Christmas/Jingle Jacks. 5 carols was cute...jingle jacks could use some work. haha.

-Decorate the tree and be satisfied with it. I didn't like our tree last year. It was such a bummer because I had such great plans for it, but it just didn't turn out the way I wanted it. Trimming the tree this year started out pretty rough. I wanted to do my blue and silver tree this year. We found the blue and silver bulbs and put them on the tree. When we went to get the other decorations we could not find them....still can't find them to this day. How do you lose a Christmas box of decorations? I know pack up half your house in hopes of selling it, and a year later it is still up for sale. Son of a....
Anyways, we improvised, and a WEEK later our tree is finished. I'm determined to convince myself I love it...but secretly I hate the blasted thing. I even uttered these words to Dan "just put tinsel on it and forget it." TINSEL! I said TINSEL! Of course my husband knows me well enough to know that the sight of tinsel on my tree makes me vomit profusely, so we went to my moms house and found a few things to spruce up this disaster we call our Christmas tree. It actually turned out way better than planned! is now complete. Check!
Speaking of waalaa, have you ever tried the WaaLaa comb? AMAZIIIIING. Google it.

-Go to the light parade. Check! Who knew that the city I have called home for the past 6 years has a light parade every year?? Not me! I now know, and I'm glad we went. So fun! Check!
-Build a gingerbread house. One year I built one with my mom and it turned out adorable. This year I built one with Dan and, well, not as adorable but fun none the less! We got sick of it half way through and wanted to stop....but I saw it through, because gosh dangit we were going to check this off our Christmas to-do list! Check!

-Actually buy people Dan works with gifts....I won't even go into last year, but lets just say Awkwaaard. This year we're not going to be the ids (short for idiots). Gifts for the firefighters bought and ready to go! Check!

-Volunteer somewhere. Check! On the 10th Danroid and I are going to the Christmas Box house and sorting through all of the gifts the community has donated to abused/neglected children. I'm hoping for a good, memorable experience.

-Listen to Christmas songs as much as possible. Check! We only get to hear them once a year, so I might as well listen to them until I want to punch the radio.

-Put some thought into the gifts I give this year. Sometimes I feel like we (myself included) go to the store and grab something off the shelf just so we can cross that person off our list. It usually ends up being something lame like bath gel. The sad part about that is the person receiving the gift can usually tell we just grabbed it off the shelf with no thought involved. This year I'm going to use my brain while shopping!
-Read Christmas With the Prophets. Check! We've been reading it since the middle of November. Each chapter talks about a different prophet and what their Christmas traditions were. Pretty neat.
-Go to the Nativity display. Check! We did that tonight and it was actually pretty neat! They had nativities that people brought in from all around the world. I can't believe how many varieties there are.

-Go see some Christmas lights. There are a few cities around here that decorate their parks with lights. We went to the one in Layton one year and it was FREEZING, but fun. It's on our list of things to do when Ady comes to see us!

-Soak it alllll in. Two years ago I remember being in such a hurry all season I was completely flustered every day for 25 days straight. On January 1st I looked back and wondered what the crap just happened. My holiday was gone and I forgot to enjoy it. I wanted a re-do. Where's the rewind button when you need it?

Here's hoping your Christmas season is as great as mine!

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