Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hiking the volcano

The day after we hiked to the lava flow, we decided it would be a great idea to go on a 4 mile hike through Volcano National Park! It was fun and neat to see. The beginning and the end of the hike were lush and jungle-y with steep switchbacks. The middle was all lava rock. Some of the rock was flat and smooth, like you see in most of these pictures. Some of it was very jagged and rough.
 This was a plant out in the middle of the lava rock

 Look how cool this plant is! It's purple and twisty and it looks like it's out of a cartoon!

 The jungle-y part

 See the white strip in the middle? That is where we walked. It was all very smooth and easy to walk on there

Just a little sweaty, ha! This is the rough part

Up top before we left...all smiles haha! 

 I found a claw. Or just a weird plant.

 We made it...still fake smiling! 

 We made it! Dan carried all the water the whole way....and I drank most of it

This is a lava tube. It wasn't on the hike, but we stopped there after the hike to take a look. Pretty neat to think about lava flowing through it!

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