Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm so behind on blogging....and homework...and dishes....and one of the tubs has had AJAX sitting in it since last night....but I just had to show you all how cute my niece is. We went to visit her and Josh a couple of weekends ago. She's getting so big! She's got her daddy wrapped around her cute little finger. She adores him. EVERYTHING she does she has to "go show daddy" and EVERYWHERE she goes "is daddy coming?"

We had a little birthday celebration for her and she loved loved loved blowing out the candles. She made us sing "you've had a birthday" over and over and over so she (and daddy, of course) could blow out the candles over and over and over.

We also took her to the park to play. Josh showed her how to roll down the hill and she loved it.
Every time she got to the bottom of the hill she'd say "Daddy I'm bizzy now!"

Now...onto the pictures that make me smile....

Lighting the candles

Getting excited!

She was excited/embarrassed while we sang to her.

Making a wish!

Tinker Bell cake (the second day)

Mmmmmm. Eatin frosting of Tink's legs

I love this picture. So cute. Rollin rollin rollin.

I'm so "bizzy" my head is spinnin'

The never ending game of "CHASE ME!"

Look at those chubby little fingers

Blowin bubbles....where are they?


Isn't she lovely?

Bubbles. Again, where are they?

She LOVES the swing. We had to bribe her with bubbles to get off.

I had to include this because it makes me laugh. These are her art projects that she made with all of her new art supplies she got from Grandma Dene. The one on the left has a tag that she took off her new outfit lol.

Once again, I realize the pictures are all messed up. I tried for an hour to fix it. The captions for the pictures are under the pictures.

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