Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love people watching. I could do it for long as I have Depends on. People are hilarious. The other day I saw a guy cross country skiing on the SIDEWALK. Yeah. The side walk that was pure ice with some patches of dry cement poking through......was he for real? I almost wrecked because I had to do a quadruple take to make sure my eyes were not fooling me. He was having the hardest time too. It was the classic one step forward two steps back routine. I laughed and wished I had someone in the passenger seat to be a witness such humor.

We got our Christmas tree up and decorated. I am slightly disappointed in it this didn't turn out as magnificent as I had dreamed. Once again, Dan tried to put tinsel on it while my back was turned. I'm not a fan of tinsel and Dan cannot believe his ears when I tell him that. We're not in 1980 anymore honey buns! Here's the ironic thing about it.....I bought a little tree last year for Dan to put all of his ornaments on....he has family guy ornaments, and Phoenix Suns stuff, and Superman crap (crap? did I say that out loud?) that he likes to put on our big tree. Then he tops it off with tinsel. Basically all of my hard work of coordinating colors and schemes is completely ruined by his lovely, un-matching stuff. So I thought having his own personal tree would somehow fix all of my problems. It didn't. He hates it. In fact, he looked at it and said "that looks stupid." Oh, and to top it all off....he didn't even put tinsel on his tree! What?! I'm so confused. Now all the sudden I am the one concerned that we have no tinsel on the freakin' tree! He's at work the time he gets home tomorrow morning there will be tinsel lovingly wrapped around his tree. I refuse to be tinsel-less!

Have you heard the new David Archuleta Christmas From the Heart CD? Its great! We bought it last night and listened to it in the car all the way home. Then Dan told me he could "out sing David." I died laughing.

Here's the little monster, growing up oh so fast. (I realize he's in a pink's a hand-me-down from little Miss Ady.)

Speaking of the Littly she is, milking a fake cow...and talking to a fake sheep.

Hope your Christmas is Magical!

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