Thursday, December 3, 2009


We drove to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year....yes, I said DROVE. Eleven hours in a car is not awesome. We made it, but I don't plan on making this a yearly tradition. Flying is heavenly, and I like heavenly things. We actually hardly took any pictures this year. We were there for 5 days and only came home with two pictures. In our defense we really only saw Dan's whole family once for a couple of hours on Thanksgiving Day.
Dan and McKenna. We were outside helping Joey hang up lights.

Matt has an awesome air soft gun. I could do some damage with that thing!

My favorite picture of Dan. Everyone else in the picture is smiling nicely.....then there's Dan.
(bad picture quality...I was taking a picture of a picture.)

We saw the END of a rainbow!! It was so cool! Although, there was no gold...and no leprechaun.

While we were in Arizona, Josh, Michelle, and Ady came to see my mom in Utah. I will have to post pictures of their happenings another day. I talked to Ady on the phone while we were traveling home and she asked "Aunt Julie, are you coming home from Arizona's house?" lol, the innocent mind of a three year old.
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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Angie said...

Arizona sounds heavenly right now! Even driving there would be better than freezing Michigan!! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!