Friday, June 4, 2010

Parks, Beer, and an Ambulance. Once a weeker #5

Well it's that time again, so here we go...

I took Zayde to a new park while my sister was getting her hair cut. They had the coolest splash pad ever! When I found the park online, I figured that Zayden wouldn't even want to get near it because it was pretty cold out, so I didn't plan ahead....oops...he loved the water and couldn't get enough of it. He had no bathing suit, no towel, no sunscreen, nothing. Me=worst babysitter ever that day. But he loved it and I can't tell him no because he's too cute. So here he is, getting soaking wet in his clothes. (sorry about the quality of the pictures, they're off my phone.)

On Wednesday Dan spent the day driving to every station to teach a customer service class. When they're doing work related things they can't take their own cars, obviously. So he took the old ambulance from his station and set out to conquer the customer service world. By the way, this is the image that comes to mind whenever he says old ambulance...

It actually looks nothing like this, but it makes it more funny to picture Dan driving this around town. What a bad A. Anyway, he was on his way back to his regular station and the ambulance started putting and died. Apparently the gas gauge doesn't work on the ol Ghost buster wagon, who knew?! I actually started laughing when he called and told me he was stranded, because he is ALWAYS telling me that he will not come help me if I ever run out of gas! So rude, so rude. (ok...I admit it, my car is out of gas 85% of the time. I like to push it to the limit and see how far it will go because I'm a rebel like that. Dan thinks I'm asking for it, I think he should fill up my gas tank more often. Ha!) We all know he would come and help me no matter what, because he loves me and could never leave me stranded...right honey? RIGHT? In the end, the guys at the station ended up rescuing him. But lets have it be known that if he ever runs out of gas in his truck, I will surely come save him!

Remember last month when our debit card got stolen so we cancelled it? Well now all the bills are late this month because everything is linked to that card. How annoying it is that the stupid choices of others affect me and my life. As if I have time to re-do every bill....and heaven knows we have a lot of them!

Memorial day was a bust. Pretty much I can't stand dirt in between my fingers or toes so camping was out of the question....oh, and don't forget about the claustrophobia that ensues when I get into a sleeping bag. Yikes. I'm better off at home in clean sheets that smell like downy.

We watched Avatar for the first time. It took two days. I'm sorry, but a three hour movie is just too much...even when it's a good one. It was a good movie. Different/weird, but good. I don't think I'll ever watch it again, but I'm glad I saw it once so I can be apart of the cool crowd. Now I will no longer get those disgusted looks when I tell someone "I've never seen it." I still get those looks when people try to strike up Twilight conversations with me. Ugh. Don't even get me started on the book that has destroyed the brains of our youth!

When my mom got home from work on Thursday there was a case of beer sitting on her door step. My mom seriously has the most random funny crap happen to her. It was a full case of beer too...except one can. One can was empty, and put back in the case. I asked her what she did with it, totally thinking she threw it in the trash can, but she didn't....she put it in her garage...maybe she has a secret drinking problem? I kid I kid. She did offer me one though because I was having a melt down about school...don't worry, I resisted the peer pressure. Maybe we can make use of it and wash our hair with it? Maybe I will put it in my 72 hour kit? Or maybe I'll give it away as a white elephant gift at the ward Christmas party....maybe they'll release me from Gospel Doctrine's worth a shot.

So that's my week.....parks, beer, and ambulances. Nothin better than this thing I call LIFE!



Favorite quote of the blog "It actually looks nothing like this, but it makes it more funny to picture Dan driving this around town." Also, I am so with you on the running out of gas thing, it's like an adventure and I just want to test the limits. (to date, i have ran out of gas 4 car loves me)

Angie said...

The splash pad is the best thing EVER! And I'm pretty sure that cute little man thinks you are the coolest thing is his life so sorry, but you don't get the worst babysiter award for that day. You'll have to try again!