Friday, July 2, 2010

Once a weeker

My once a weeker has kind of slipped through the cracks. I'm bizzy, ok?

Dan and I went to Causey reservoir and we saw a moose on the way. We turned around and parked 15 feet away from it. He was eating a bush and totally didn't mind that we were starring him. I didn't get a picture because my phone was dead. Boo. It was neat to see one up close though!

We FINALLY celebrated Zayden's birthday. We had been planning it and planning it, but we had to keep putting it off for different reasons. By the time it got here we were all sick of it and the party hadn't even started! We were going to go to the amazing splash park, but it was raining so we had it my mom's house. It turned out fun. My mom made a dinosaur cake (super cute) and my grandma frosted lots of cup cakes for everyone. Joni and I did the decorating and we were about 14.2 seconds away from killing each other by the time we hung the last balloon. Good times. My mom and I gave Zayden a little powerwheel four wheeler. He LOVES it, and we love watching him ride it. We laugh the whole time. He can even push the button to make it go with his thumb. I will say that he thinks he's pretty awesome on it....and he is.

We got to go see Miss Ady last weekend. She's adorable and hilarious. She loves to sing, so her and grandma started singing while using the ends of the jump rope as microphones (a girl after my own heart...everything is a microphone in my world!). I was sitting on the couch and decided to join in. Ady immediately stopped singing and looked at me like I had just committed the greatest sin and said, "Don't sing. You don't have a microphone." Excuuuuse meeee. Of course I obeyed her command because she's the boss, and we all know that. Later that night when I was taking her to her mom she told me that her friend "was just having an emotional day, so she sat at the table by herself at school." Emotional? I don't even use that word and I'm 26. She cracks me up. She just got her tonsils taken out the other day. Poor little thing. From what I have heard she is doing just fine. She told my mom that she got a teddy bear from the Doctor, and in a 3 year olds eyes that is totally awesome. She got to leave the hospital just a few hours after her surgery. She wasn't even there long enough for us to send her balloons! My mom is going up to see her next week, so hopefully I will have more pictures of her when she gets back. She's turning 4 this month...I can hardly believe it!

The waterline to my moms culinary water broke this week. We spent three days digging in the mud. Not awesome. Come to find out, whoever laid the pipe bent it at a 90 degree angle. It's amazing that it has even lasted this long without leaking. I'm no plumber, but I'm pretty sure you can't bend copper in half and expect water to run through it. Our friends Jake and Kara came over and helped us dig. What would we do without kind people in our lives? We'd still be digging a hole, that's what. Everything is fixed and working....lets hope we never have to do that again. Oh, and if you're the one that laid the pipe and you're reading this, don't ever let me find you.

Dan played in the hogs and hydrants softball game again this year. It was good stuff. Double overtime. I'll have to post pictures later. Dan hit a home run because he's cool like that.
That's all I can think of for are (a lot) of pictures.



Showing off her tonsils


Happy birthday

He loves the hat, can you tell?


Smashing the cake


Eating ranch off the carrot

Sweet boy

Grandma and Me

The party table. I didn't get a good picture of the cake. Boo

Playing before the party

Cutest face ever


Helping grandma pick the weeds

Eating dirt...and liking it

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