Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Ady Dear. Happy Days Will Come to You all Year!

Happy birthday to this sweet face! She's turning 4 years old...I can't even believe it!! I wish we got to see her more. Her birthday isn't until next week, but next week is going to be busy busy busy, so I am posting this now while I have the time.

Top 4 reasons why I absolutely love you...

1.) You have an imagination. Tea parties, teacher, name it.

2.) You are sassy massy. Whew. What are we going to do with you when you're a teenager!?

3.) You are SO smart. You are very observant and you remember EVERYTHING. You're always listening....even when we don't think you are =)

4.) You're adorable in every way! Your big brown eyes make me smile...and so does that cheesy grin you pull when I say "SMILE for the camera!"

Her new dress she picked out for herself and her dolly. Grandma took her shopping and she said "I love this dress. Can I have it?" Who can resist this face? No one...especially Gramma Dene.

This is usually what she does when you try to take her picture....

...But sometimes she'll stop and give you a half smile and a pose

Booty shakin' to the chipmunks

Shake it!

The fakest smile she could muster. She makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday little lady!

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