Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life as we know it today.

Sometimes I feel like blogs are all about the happy moments, and that's it. When I read other people's blogs I think "is there life really that perfect?" So, in an effort to save you all from thinking my life is glamorous every single day....I will tell you why we are depressed and we need a bottle of Prozac.

#1-We took our condo off the market. It's not worth as much as we owe. Sad day for us. After we found out, we looked at each other and said "lets go get a shake." And we did. Kit Kat with chocolate syrup was my choice, and Dan's was brownie earthquake.

#2- Water is leaking down into the neighbors house from our house. We had to unhook the water heater and the air conditioner condensation is now dripping into my popcorn bowl. Looks like No showers or popcorn for awhile.

#3-Dan has had 1.5 days off of work in the last 8 days. Me, not being able to deal with it all, went to my mom's house for 4 days straight and pretended like I didn't even own a condo.

(excuse me while I take a break to empty the popcorn bowl)

#4- We can't refinance our home because of #1. I need a shake.

#5- Found out there really is no point in consolidating school loans. All they do is draw out the length of loan so my monthly payment is lower....this amounts to me paying more in the end. Um, please explain how this is helping a human out?

#6-My garbage stinks and it's a long walk to take it out.

#7- There's no room here for a baby in this condo. My room is too small, and my bed is too big. And a loft is no place for an infant. It's too far away from momma. This is why we were selling our house in the first place. (this in no way implies that we have, or are having a baby...oh, but I wish it did!)

But of course we still have the good stuff!

#1-The truck is paid off as of yesterday!

#2- Dan will have 48 hours of overtime on his next check!

#3- There are no longer peecicles in the freezer!

#4- Our loft is huge, and maybe, just maybe, a baby could sleep up there.

#5- We are going to Vegas next week to my brother's wedding. Have I ever told you how much we love Michelle?? One of these days I will write a post about her loveliness!

#6- We have a place to call home! Not everyone does.
#7- We got Zayde's pictures back...isn't he cute?


Liz said...

Sorry for all the financial stuff. That can really get a girl down. But good job looking on the bright side. Hard to see sometimes, but it's there!

Sarah said...

life throws us all curve balls, and that kinda sucks. Totally know what you're talking about with the house garbage, and on the bright side, at least you do have a place to call home =] And yes, a baby can fit in a loft, at least for a little while. School loans...well, at least that means you're getting an education, and yes it will be worth it when it's all said and done. Go have a shake, I think I will too...lol =]

Angie said...

Julie, I love everything you post. Even all this "real-life" stuff you were talking about made me smile. Not because it's funny, but because no one EVER writes about real stuff. Loved it. Money stuff stinks unless you have a lot of it... which not enough people do!

Justin and Shaylee said...

Sucks how crap happens. You forgot to mention how freaking hot it is at church where you have to teach the lesson!