Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 (A)nte (M)eridiem randomness

Dan and I have recently come to the realization that people are pretty flakey and unreliable. No particular incident, just an observation. When it comes down to it, everyone is out for themselves...especially when something new and exciting comes up in life. A new job, a new car, a new friend, a new TV series....and everyone else is left on the back burner....rotting away like a moldy grilled cheese sandwich. Sad, isn't it? Maybe I'll work on being more reliable. I don't like the thought of my acquaintances turning into moldy cheese. The longer I leave them there, the less desirable they become and I might just end up throwing them in the garbage.

Ask me who has the cleanest laundry room in Utah. Go ahead, ask. It starts with Julie and ends with Fisher. Lets just say we had a little mishap with the water heater. Our water heater had been pulled out of the closet and disconnected for a week and a half (!!) because we were having some issues (and Dan was at work for 6,000 hours straight). We finally got it all hooked back up and looking good. When we turned the water back on, it started dripping from one of the hoses. The gasket was worn out. Easy fix, right? We turned off the water and went to home depot (for the 3rd time that day...I despise that store). When we got home with our new and improved gasket we took the hose off and it started spraying EVERYWHERE...the best part was it had some mad power behind it! We filled up our garbage can and an 18 gallon storage container at least 3 times each, and it showed no signs of stopping. I still can't really figure out what was happening because it wasn't hooked up to the house, and the water was shut off to the water heater. At one point Dan and I were standing there dripping wet from head to toe, my makeup was running down my face, and we just looked at each other and started laughing. There was nothing else we could do. Finally we grew a brain and turned the water to the house off and it slowly but surely fizzled down to a drip. My procrastination did play a handy roll though. I had washed and dried a load of towels before all of this happened and I left them in the dryer. It made it really nice and handy to just open the dryer and throw 10 towels on the ground to start soaking up the water. Luckily we survived so I could live to tell this tale. It's times like these that I want to punch the saying "Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life" right in the face. That saying should have exceptions to the rule....You're allowed to not be happy for this moment when your water heater sprays water in your face at a high PSI....or when your tire blows out in the middle of the freeway....or when you can't sell your condo...or when The Bachelor picks the wrong girl....things like that. As a result of this madness my baseboards are so clean you could eat off them. Lucky us. Once everything was cleaned up I told Dan that all I could think about was "we should be filming this." He looked at me all disgusted-like and said, "really? Our house is flooding and you have time to think of THAT?" Uh, yeah...maybe it could have won us a million dollars on AFV and we could fix the flooded house with the money that we won. Geez. Think outside the box babe.

I am trying to find the perfect saying for a our bedroom wall. I want something cute, but not lame. I'm tired of the "always kiss me goodnight" saying. It's overused and under paid. I just want something that I fall in love with every time I read it. Any ideas? Maybe I'll put "be happy for this moment, for the moment is your life" but at the bottom I will list my exceptions. Splendid idea.


Sarah said...

I'm seriously starting to think you guys have about as much bad luck as we do...that totally sucks! Really, all you can do is laugh, there's no point in anything else, it doesn't help the situation. Glad you're up and running again!

Justin and Shaylee said...

K, you're beginning to be one of the funniest blog writers I am aware of. Thanks for the entertainment! (although at the cost of your flooded condo :) P.S. Speaking of the flakes you wrote of, I believe I may be one of least 20% of the time....I apologize in advance