Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kua Bay aka Manini'owali

We are in love with Kua Bay! This is where we swam with 6 wild dolphins!!!
MY LIFE=COMPLETE! When we arrived at the beach there were some locals pointing out into the ocean, so I asked them what they were pointing at. They told us there was a big pod of dolphins not too far off the beach (ok, they were like 3 football fields away...so kind of far). They pointed them out to us and we were so excited that we actually got to see some dolphins. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if that was too far for us to swim (and if we were even supposed to get by the dolphins). About 20 minutes later we were out snorkeling looking for turtles when a small boat pulled up to the dolphins and two girls jumped in the water with them. I told Dan  "we're doing this, lets go!" We swam our little hearts out and within 5-6 minutes we were swimming with dolphins! Oh my gosh it was the coolest thing that has ever happened! I was really worried that the guys on the boat would be upset with us and tell us to go away, but they were so cool and said, "Right place right time. Awesome!"  If the dolphins ever started to swim away from us, the guys would slowly move their boat around and the dolphins would turn around and come back to us. SOFREAKINGAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! We swam with them for about 10-15 minutes.

 These are my swim noodles. Dan was embarrassed by them....I told him it is less embarrassing to swim with noodles than it is to drown. He agreed. I'm so glad I had them..I would have never made it to the dolphins!
 We missed our baby, so we sent him a note
 Here they are! Can you stand it?!
 Ahhhhhhhh so amazing!

We love Kua Bay!

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