Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snorkeling with the Mantarays

Our second night in Kona we went out with Sea Paradise to snorkel with the gigantic Manta's. They were phenomenal! Three of them came to visit that night, and they come within inches of your face and body! We have tons of video of them, because pictures did not turn out very well in the dark ocean.
 Here's a picture of the sunset...mixed in with construction....I'm a really good photographer, right?
 Our sun burnt faces from a day of fun! This was the same day that we swam with the dolphins and the turtles. (my posts are out of order) It was a full day with marine life!
 This is the face of the manta. They have no teeth and their throats are only as big around as a quarter. They would flip and swirl and twirl right below us. Amazing!

This is how close they got to us!

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