Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, The New Year, and going to work in your diaper

We went tubing in Mendon the weekend after, but COLD!

Tubing in Mendon. I'm not wearing snow clothes because I was not planning on tubing....obviously I just wanted to stand around and blow bubbles....but that didn't work out as planned. It was very cold.

Kiera picked us up at the bottom.

This is where are the wuss's sat...although they WERE warm....

...and we were freezing!

Dan threw snow in my face right before the picture. Thank you.

Darcey and Navie getting ready to go down!

We opened all of our gifts on Christmas eve. Dan got me a Miche Bag

Love it! My mom also got me a purse and we got a new comforter. Once I get it on my bed I will have to take a picture of it...I love it!

I gave Dan some Phoenix Suns slippers that he wanted. He also got a Suns hat and a Quesadilla maker from my mom. (He's a quesadilla freak--he calls them cheese crisps...because he's weird like that ;)

Zayden's favorite Christmas gift...the ribbon.

His 2nd favorite gift....he seriously loves this thing, and he holds on so well!

Enthralled by the horses hair. He likes to pull it out.

Playing with Dan's tree

For New Years we went to Pleasant Grove to party with the whole fam damily. Good times...thanks for having us!

Zayden with all the girls!

Tired (but darling) baby Ava, and (extremely happy) Zayden with Great Grandma Hansen and Aunt Darcey.

Zayden came over with this outfit on the other day. It says, "I want to be a firefighter when I grow up." Cute. This kid loves Uncle Dan....he always stares at him and watches EVERY move Dan makes me laugh.

And lastly.....

Hard at work in his diaper.

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